Four students from the Jewellry Art & Design program at HDK Academy for Design and Crafts have presented their ideas for next year’s Göteborgsvarvet medal 2018. Now it’s up to you to pick one! Vote for your favorite design and maybe that will be the one you get after you cross the finisth line on the 19 May 2018! Scroll down the page and vote. Voting takes place between 1-25 June.

Rebecca Radhammar – Your medal should be a part of you just as much as you are a part of it.
When designing the medal for 2018 I have chosen to focus on the physical aspects of the person wearing the medal. It is, afterall, you who has put forth the effort. My medal allows your shirt’s colors to shine through. Your shirt, that you have just completed a half marathon in, will show through the hole of the Göteborgsvarvets course with all of it ups and downs.
Rebecca tells about her design (in swedish)


Karolina Berg – Now and then
Thoughts behind the design:
I have taken inspiration from previous years Göteborgsvarvet’s medals when they used to be rectangular. The medals current round shape and the former rectangular shape interact in my design. I’ve taken the color from 1988’s medal. In my design I have also chosen to strengthen the connection between the band and the medal which is why I have allowed the band’s width and color to continue in the medal.
Karolina tells about her design (in swedish)


Hanna Havdell – Green Gothenburg
Thoughts behind the design:
When you run the half marathon the scenery and nature is a major part of the experience. Several of the previous medals have associated Gothenburg to its closeness to the sea. I want to bring forth the green areas that are along the race showing Gothenburg as a city where parks and nature play a central role. We have a lot of beech trees and I have therefore chosen the beech leave to represent the front side of the medal.

Hanna tells about her design (in swedish)

Oskar Summerton – A Feel for the city
Thoughts behind the design:
I have chosen to bring forth the Gothenburg’s characteristic element with my medal which is the runners experience in the race. ƒlvsborgs bridge and Eriksbergs Crane, whose colors are in the medal, as well as, the Gˆta River and the tram tracks.
Oskar tells about his design (in swedish)

You may vote until the 25 June.

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