Experience Göteborgs­varvet Half Marathon

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon - 60.000 registered runners and over 200.000 cheering supporters along the track.

16may 2020

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21 kilometers of fun:An event that makes you feel good

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is more than just a race. The experience that thousands of people share along the blue line as a runner, crew and audience is world class.

  • Races: Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is our classic 21 km race held every year in Gothenburg, Sweden. 60,000 runners are ready to join the world’s largest race. Are you?

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  • Races: Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021

    To celebrate the city of Gothenburg’s 400 year anniversary, we welcome you to join our once in a lifetime marathon race. Two times Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, twice the fun.

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  • Races: A wide variety of races

    In addition to Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon we arrange a wide variety of races during the week of Göteborgsvarvet – for example challenging and fun races for kids in all ages.

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Travel and stay:Experience Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a big city with a charming small-town feel located on the west coast, in southwestern Sweden. Maximize your trip to Gothenburg and make the most of your time in town before and after the race.

  • Accomodation: Where to stay while in Gothenburg

    It is important to sleep well before and after running Gothenburg Half Marathon. Read more about our recommendations when booking your stay in Gothenburg.

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  • Transportation: How to get around in Gothenburg

    Read more about the public transportations in Gothenburg, how to find a parking lot for your car or RV and how to find a taxi before and after your race.

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  • See the city: What to see and do in Gothenburg

    Make the most of your time in Gothenburg. Experience Swedish west coast cuisine, daily events, sightseeing and shopping in Sweden’s second largest city.

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Gothenburg one of the coolest places in Europe

The streets around the area of Järntorget, named Långgatorna ("the long streets") has been picked by The Guardian as one of the coolest places in Europe. With its wide selection of different cafés, bars, restaurants and record stores, the area is described as "naturally cool" and a place where locals go to let off steam.

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Photo: Marie Ullnert/Mediabank Göteborg & Co

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