The use of cookies by GöteborgsVarvet

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, a website that you visit, saves on your computer, or any other means of communication that you use, like a tablet, smartphone or similar device (when using the word “computer” below we refer also to tablet, smartphone or similar device) and which enables identification of you as a visitor to a website. The information contained in a cookie can be used to track what websites you have visited, which makes use of the same type of cookie as GöteborgsVarvet make use of. This way, the offers shown on our website can be adapted to you specifically.

There are two types of cookies; one type is more persistent and the other type is temporary (so-called session cookies). Persistent cookies save a text file during a longer period of time on your computer, have a definite expiry date and are, for example, used for functions which  inform you what is new since you last visited the website. This cookie is deleted from your computer when the expiry date for the cookie in question has passed and you revisit the website that placed the cookie on your computer. Temporary cookies are stored temporarily on your computer during the time you visit a website and are used to, for example, keep track on what language you have chosen for the website. Temporary cookies will disappear as soon as you close your web browser.

What types of cookies are used by GöteborgsVarvet and for what purposes?

We make use of both persistent and temporary cookies. The primary purpose of our use of cookies is to make your use of our website as smooth as possible, and to facilitate our analyses of the traffic on our website. Such analyses form the basis of improvement to our website as well as our customer service. The use of cookies makes our website remembering, among other things, what language you have chosen for the website as well as such information provided by you to us when logging in on our website and/or in connection with your application for any of the races we organize.

By using cookies, we also store information regarding, among other things, what subpages on our website you have visited. This is to adapt our offers and advertisements to your specific interests.

Your consent to the use of cookies by GöteborgsVarvet

You consent to our use of cookies on our website, by adjusting your computer’s settings so that it allows the use of cookies. By consenting to our use of cookies, you get access to all functions on our website which require the use of cookies.

You have the possibility to refrain from consenting and also to withdraw your given consent. You do this by changing the settings on your computer so that it no longer allows the use of cookies. If you are using a computer, you change the settings in the computer’s web browser. If you are using a tablet you usually change the settings in the operating system. If you are using a smartphone or similar device you usually change the settings in the web browser.

What happens if you do not consent to the use of cookies by GöteborgsVarvet?

If you choose not to consent to the use of cookies by GöteborgsVarvet, problems may occur when visiting our website. Among other things, you will not be able to log in to our website without seeing a dialog for each page which requires login, and our offers and advertisements may be shown to you more often than intended to.