Run Göteborgsvarvet for charity

Göteborgsvarvet 2019

Som löpare har du chansen att göra skillnad under Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon. I 2019 kan du välja att köra för en av olika organisationer; Stadsmissionen, Ung Cancer, Vattenjuice, Ågrenska, CancerRehabFonden, Ronald McDonald Hus Göteborg, Bräcke Diakoni och En Non Smoking Generation.

Registrera för att springa till välgörenhetsorganisation En Non Smoking Generation Ronald McDonald Hus Göteborg Stadsmissionen Ung Cancer Wateraid Ågrenska Drottning Silvias barn- och ungdomssjukhus   För registrering till de återstående två organisationerna, besök organisationens hemsida.

Run for WaterAid

Run for WaterAid and run for changing people’s lives by improving their access to clean water, sanitary facilities and hygiene in the world’s most poor communities

WaterAid is an international organization working to change people’s lives in the world’s most poor communities. Since 1981 they’ve given 26,8 million people access to clean water and 29 million access to toilets. WaterAid is found in 34 countries all over the world.

Entry fee: 1000 SEK
Start in start group 12 (or earlier if you are seeded)
Read more about WaterAid

Registration – WaterAid

Run for a Non-Smoking Generation

Run for a Non-Smoking Generation and you are running for a tobacco free lifestyle.

A Non-Smoking Generation is a non-profit organization that has worked for a tobacco free society since 1979. We inspire, inform and engage children, teenagers and adults to create an environment where young adults choose a tobacco free lifestyle on their own. Through a tobacco prevention project and opinion polls we want to contribute to a healthier and sustainable world.

Entry fee: 1000 SEK
Included in the fee:
Start in start group 12 (or earlier if you are seeded), functional running shirt and run with the ambassador Martin Melin.
Read more about a Non-Smoking Generation

Registration – for a Non-Smoking Generation

Run Göteborgsvarvet for charity and A Non Smoking Generation

Run for Stadsmissionen

Run for Göteborgs Stadsmission and run for supporting and helping people in need!

Göteborgs Stadsmission is running an extensive organization to help people with vulnerable living conditions in Gothenburg. They offer, among much else, social and economic support to families, guidance for people who lives with abuse and homelessness, food distribution and different kinds of help to elderly with poor and lonely living conditions.

Entry fee:
1000 SEK
Start in start group 12 (or earlier if you are seeded)
Read more about Stadsmissionen

Registration – Stadsmissionen


Run for Ung Cancer

Run for Ung Cancer and run for young adults who have cancer or lives close to someone with cancer. 

Ung Cancer, or Young Cancer in English, is a non-profit organisation that works to improve living conditions for young adults with cancer. By this we mean young adults aged 16 to 30 who live with or next to cancer. Ung Cancer exist to provide young adults affected by cancer with support, community and channels where they can express pain, grief and anger, ask questions, calm their nerves and be there for others in the same situation. The need is enormous and there is always more to do.

Entry fee: 1000 SEK
Start in start group 12 (or earlier if your are seeded)
Read more about Ung Cancer

Registration – Ung Cancer

Run for Ågrenska

Run for Ågrenska and you run for children with rare diagnoses.

Ågrenska is a national competence centre for rare diagnoses and a unique meeting place for children, adolecents and adults with disabilities, their families and professionals. The core of their operation is stays for children and their families. The common denominator for the families is that they have a child with a rare diagnose. The stays are for the whole family and gives the family a unique opportunity to meet others in the same situation, gain knowledge and exchange experiences. Ågrenska is a non-profit organization.

Entry fee: 1000 SEK
 Start in start group 12 (or earlier if you are seeded)
Read more about Ågrenska

Registration – Ågrenska


Run Göteborgsvarvet for charity and Ronald McDondal Hus Göteborg

Run for the Ronald McDonald House Gothenburg

Run for the Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg and you are running to keep families together whose children are sick and hospitalized over a longer period of time.

At the Ronald McDonald House in Gothenburg families are able to live with their children with severe illnesses while they are hospitalized. The families have been admitted to Drottning Silvias Children’s Hospital so the children can get specialized care. During this difficult treatment period the family is able to have a “normal” daily life or at least as much as possible. It becomes their home away from home when they need it the most.

Entry fee: 1000 SEK
Included in the fee:
Start in start group 12 (or earlier if you are seeded), goody bag, storage of personal items, running shirt.
Read more about Ronald McDonald House Gothenburg

Registration – Ronald McDonald Hus


Charity - this is how it works

What’s included in the entry fee?

The organizations offer different added values to “their registrations”, they also set the entry fee for the registrations. More information above, as well as on the organization’s websites.

Contribution to the organization

During 2011-2018 runners in Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon has collected more than 10 million SEK to charity. News for 2019; each organization chooses the entry fee for their registrations. Thank you for contributing!

Organizations to run for

In 2019, you can choose to run for one of seven different organizations; Stadsmissionen, Ung Cancer, Wateraid, Ågrenska, CancerRehabFonden, Bräcke diakoni och A Non Smoking Generation.