Göteborgsvarvet and the race week 2021 are canceled

Digital Participation

Digital Göteborgsvarvet 2021 and Digital Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021

This is how you participate digitally

The physical races Göteborgsvarvet and Göteborgsvarvet Marathon are canceled, due to the pandemic. We were forced to cancel with regard to your and other participants' safety and health. Digital Göteborgsvarvet 2021 and Digitala Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021 are races that give you the opportunity to run 21k / 42k, get a medal and results that are seed-founding in Göteborgsvarvet 2022.

The digital races are carried out via the RaceONE app. You will get an information email a few days before the race, with your race code and start number. Use the race code and start number to register in the RaceONE's app.

Digital Göteborgsvarvet 2021 and Digital Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021 are open from 11 September at: 00.00 until 19 September with the finish no later than 23.59. (Central European Summer Time). Time and distance are measured with your phone and the RaceONE app or with the help of a GPS watch. The result from the race is registered in Göteborgsvarvet's result list and is approved as qualifying time for Göteborgsvarvet 2022.

Below is a step-by-step manual for how to get started with your digital participation.

  • STEP #1: Register

    To participate digitally, you need to be registered for a race.

  • STEP #2: Create an account on RaceONE

    Download the RaceONE app from the Appstore or Google. Sign in by entering an email address, name and password - or use one of the other login options available: Facebook, Apple or Google.

  • STEP #3: Register participation

    Search for "Digitala Göteborgsvarvet 2021" or ”Digitala Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021” and click on "Delta i loppet". You will now be asked to enter your start number and race code. An e-mail have been sent to you with this information, if you have not received it, please check your trash post. Enter the race code manually and be careful with uppercase and lowercase letters. Steg 1-3 can be prepared before your race day.

  • STEP #4: Competition time

    Note that you measure distance and time either via the RaceONE app on your phone or using a GPS watch. If using a GPS watch you need to upload the results to the RaceONE app.

    Complete the race with the RaceONE app:

    1. Find Digitala Göteborgsvarvet 2021 or Digitala Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021, click on "Till start".
    2.Double check the race settings (we recommend automatic finish) as well as app settings.
    3. Wait for good GPS signal.
    4. Click on "Starta". Start the run!
    5. Finish:
    - If you have chosen automatic finish, the race ends as soon as you have reached the finish distance.
    - If you have selected manual finish, click on "MÅLGÅNG" and confirm.

    Read RaceONE's detailed guide to virtual races>

    Complete the race with a GPS watch:

    When you run with a GPS watch no phone is needed during the race. Just go out and run with your watch and upload the result to the RaceONE app later. It is important that you run a few hundred meters extra to secure that you have reached the correct distance.

    Please note that the digital race must be completed between 11 September, starting at 00.00 and 19 September, with the finish no later than 23.59

  • STEP #5: Register Result

    Results are uploaded automatically for you who measured distance and time with the RaceONE app.

    RaceONE has an integration with Garmin Connect and Polar Flow. The result reporting via Garmin / Polar is easily sent from the GPS watch to the RaceONE app. Read more about how to connect RaceONE with Garmin Connect and Polar Flow here!

    If you are using another GPS watch, you will need to upload a GPX file.

    Your result will be based on the GPS data from the beginning of the run until the target distance is reached. If you have gone further than that, your result will still be based on time at the finish distance. Read more about how to register results with GPX file>

    The result is included in Göteborgsvarvet's result list. Results both from Digitala Göteborgsvarvet 2021 and Digitala Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021 are approved as qualifying time for Göteborgsvarvet 2022.

  • STEP #6: Medal

    After the race you will be asked to choose between have the medal shipped home or refrain it. For the Digitala Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021 a finisher t-shirt is also included. You will receive an e-mail with more information after a completed race.


    You will find answers to frequently asked questions HERE. More information about phone settings.

    Who should I contact?

    Contact Göteborgsvarvet about:
    Missing race code, start number, registration, registration fee and seeding results for Göteborgsvarvet. Email your question to info@goteborgsvarvet.se.

    Contact RaceONE about:
    Everything related to the app, timekeeping / results in the app, race code does not work, technical questions, login and more. Click on the question mark in the RaceONE app or email your question to support@raceone.com.

Finish Line

Result registration:
Manual checks will be performed on virtual end times faster than men 1:25:00 and women 1:31:00 to prevent incorrect registration. The result from your virtual race will be published in Göteborgsvarvet's result list.

Main partner Polestar

Already in 2020, Polestar was a partner to Göteborgsvarvet, then to Göteborgsvarvet Virtual Race 21K, which replaced the canceled race.

Read more about Polestar