Welcome to Gothenburg and Göteborgsvarvet half marathon 2024 May 18th. Here is some information for you as an elite runner.

Information for all elite runners

Start time: 13:00 (1 pm) on Saturday May 18th.

Start lists: Men & Women.

Results: Men & Women.

Free registration: ​Competitors who have achieved one of the below result limits at a sanctioned race during the period 1 January 2023 – 8 May 2024 can apply for a free registration to the race and be seeded to the elite start group. Send a certificate of your result to elite@goteborgsvarvet.se latest May 8, 2024.

Men: Marathon 2.24.00, Half Marathon 1.07.00, 10 000 m 30.00,00.
Women: Marathon 2.46.00, Half Marathon 1.18.00, 10 000 m 35.30,00.

The marathon/half-marathon times must be done on measured road courses, while the time of 10 000m, in addition to a measured road course, also can be done on arena.

When applying for a free registration you need to include following:
Date of birth, Country, First name, Last name, Adress, E-mail, Phone number

Pacing: No pacing is allowed along the course from others than participants in the race. It is also forbidden to bicycle with the runners anywhere along the course.

Drinks distribution: Personal drinks distribution is allowed all the way around the course.

Questions: elite@goteborgsvarvet.se

Race course and elevation

Find out more about the race course here

2024:Price money

Rank (Euro)

1) 4000
2) 3000
3) 2000
4) 1000
5) 500

Course record:
There is a course record breaking bonus of 4000 Euro.
Current course records: 59.35 (men) – 67.58 (women)

Price money and travel expenses will be transferred to your manager after the race. You need to give your host at the hotel a copy of your flight ticket if you are entitled to travel expenses.

Athletes contact:
Jasper Buitink
+47 951 00 411

All figures and payments are in Euro.

Prices and bonuses are subject to tax deduction of 15% according to Swedish tax law for non-resident athletes.