Your way to the start

Gothenburg Half Marathon:A car free day

It's finally time for Gothenburg half marathon!

The 21th of may is a day which when the streets are filled with not only you as a runner, but also friends, family and citizens cheering for you along the course.

Please note! The city of Gothenburg's current urban development creates a large impact on the traffic situation this year.

Therefore we kindly ask you to leave your car at home and to travel by bus, bike or by foot.

Together we can make it easy for all runners to travel to their start and for the police, ambulance or firefighters to get through effectively.

We guide you to the start

Below you'll find guidance to the start and Expo by public transportation, bike or by foot. If a car really is your only option, you will be guided to parking spaces where you'll find connecting shuttle buses that will take you to the start.

Please care for having a good amount of time to get to the start, independent of your choice of trip.

Gothenburg Half Marathon Expo:How to pick up your race bib

Before we begin. Gothenburg Expo has a new address for this year.

You pick up your race bib at Friidrottens Hus, close to the start.

For your best convenience we recommend you to pick up your race bib thursday or friday 19-20th of May.

The area around Gothenburg Half Marathon Expo will be severly limited for traffic. There are no available parking spaces close by. Although, we have got you covered with a travel guide.

For your travel guide, please scroll down!

Opening hours

Thursday 11.00 am - 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am - 9.00 pm
Saturday 08.00 am - 16.00 pm
Sunday 09.00 am - 16.00pm

Travel guides:By public transportation

Use the app "To Go"

During the race day (21th of May) the public transportation will be strengthened. In Västtrafiks application "To Go" or "Reseplaneraren" you are able to plan your trip.

Västtrafik does not offer runners free communte during the race 2022. This means you are no longer able to travel with your bib number.

For payment solutions, please take a look here.

Closest stop by bus or tram:
- Marklandsgatan, Botaniska Trädgården or Linnéplatsen.

Large junctions:
- Korsvägen, Drottningtorget, Järntorget

Accessibility adjustment

For those who need accessibility adjustment, the applications will show you information on which buses and trams you are able to travel with.

Travel guide:By bike - Styr & Ställ

Styr & Ställ is the city's bike sharing company. If you look closely you can see them spread over the city center.

To be able to rent a bike you need to register in their application and buy a ticket. You will do this in the application "Nextbike" or at Styr & Ställ website.

For information on how to use Styr & Ställ, follow this link.

Please note! The terminals Slottsskogsgatan and Dalens Idrottsplan will be held close during Gothenburg Half Marathon.

Daily information about closed or full terminals can be found in the application "Nextbike".

Download "Nextbike" in App Store

Download "Nextbike" at Google Play

Travel guide:By bike - Travel with your own bike?

To plan your bike trip, we recommend you to use the application "Cykelstaden". There you will find bike paths, parking spaces, bicycle pumps and even Styr & Ställ (please read information above)

Are you planning to bike through Slottsskogen? Please take in mind there will be alot of people, who might limit your flow. Care for pedestrians and runner who might warm up or racing.

Download "Cykelstaden" in App Store

Download "Cykelstaden" at Google Play

Travel guide:By Shuttle

For you who drive to Gothenburg, we higly recommend to park your car at Åby Travbana.
From there, shuttle buses will take you to the start! First departure is at 09.00 am.

The shuttles buses are free of charge and marked with "Göteborgsvarvet".

The trip goes through Högsbo Industriområde and stops at:
Jolengatan - Otto Elanders gata - A Odhners gata - Olof Asklunds gata, J A Wettergrens gata.

You are welcome to hop on along the way!

There are limited parking spaces around Högbsö Industriområde.
Please note! You must pay according to ordinary parking rules through a parking application or a parking machine.

How to get from the finish line back to your car?

The shuttle bus arrives and depart from a temporary bus stop close to Preem / Botaniska Trädgården.
(To your right, 200 meter after the starting line)

The first departure is back to Åby Travbana is at 2pm and the last one at 7.00 pm.

All shuttle buses are accessibility-adapted.

For details (SE), please read hear.

Travel guide:By Car

In order to facilitate accessibility for the runners, our start area will shut down already at 8.00 am. Therefore, we ask you to not drive your car to the start area. If you must, please choose the parking spaces around Järntorget, Gårda, Heden or the parking houses in the city and take the tram or the bus from there. (Se map)

You are prohibited to park along the race course, along the roads, and/or at the bike- and walk paths. Please make sure residents in every house have access to their own entrance and exit.

Please note that you must keep yourself up to date about road shutdowns, traffic diversions and where it is possible for you to park.

Please be aware of a longer traveling time.

For current traffic information, read more at and

Traffic diversions:Along the course

Margretebergsgatan -
This is where the start is! This road, between Dag Hammarskjöldsleden and Kungsladugårdsgatan will not be available between 08.00 am and 7.15 pm.

Slottsskogsgatan, between Högsboleden and Skyttskogsgatan are also not available during the same time of the day.

To enjoy your trip
to the start, we recommend walk- and bike paths at the east side of Dag Hammarskjöldsleden - Änggården - Per Dubbsgatan and reverse.

The race course goes through Gothenburg City Center and along both side of the big riber.
Along the course adjacent streets will be shut down between 12.00 pm - and 7.15pm.

If you have parked your car inside or along the race, plase not that it will be a challenge to drive back to your accomondation, before the race is fully over. Please consider planning your trip carefully, for your best day possible!

Älvsborgsbron - limited access during the whole day. If you walk or bike, please care for the west side of the bridge (12.00 pm - 7.15pm)

Östra Sannegården - Not available from 12.30 pm - 6.00 pm

If you are living in this area and need to use your car, please consider planning your activities carefully, and park your car outside of the road shutdowns.

Hisingsbron - For those who bike or walk, please care for the east side of the bridge 12.30pm - 18.30 pm. Your best choice is to choose the east side already from Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen.

The area of Central Station - Severely limited access for all kinds of transportation choices! Please, if your target goal is not in this area, avoid driving in here. It’s highly possible with long lasting queues.

Nordstans Parking House - You will reach the parking spaces through Nils Ericsonsgatan (from Åkareplatsen) and also via Operagatan/Kanaltorgsgatan through the north end of Nordstan.

You can drive out from Nordstans Parking House only through “Norra Sjöfarten” from 12.30 pm - 7.00 pm.

During the race, there are no possibility to cross the race course in the city center. We recommend you to use gait locks, along Östra Hamngatan, Kungsportsplatsen, Kungsportsavenyn and Vasagatan.

The street Övre Husargatan is closed 12.30 pm from Linnéplatsen in direction Vasagatan. During this time of day, all traffic is redirected through Linnégatan.

If you are living in Haga, you can access your home area from Järntorget and depart via Husargatan. Are you traveling by bike or by foot, please consider to choose the west side of Övre Husargatan between Skanstorget and Linnéplatsen.

Please note:

The traffic situation affects all people in Gothenburg today. Care for longer walks, longer traveling times, and bring a happy face!

We expect around 200.000 spectators to follow the race, and the accessibility along the whole race course is limited.

If possible, please leave your car at home.

Not yet clear?:Q & A

Can you bike through Slottsskogen or around the start area?

During Saturday's race there is limited access by bike through Slottsskogen and Margretebergsgatan. Slottsskogsgatan have severly limited access, or no passage for bikers. Please choose the east side of Dag Hammarskjöldsleden, Ängården and Per Dubbsgatan.

Can you drive a scooter through Slottsskogen?
Nope, the whole area is closed for electric scooters. The 21th of May applies a parking and driving ban in the Slottsskogen area between 08.00 am - 23.30 pm.

Will some of the Styr & Ställ terminals be closed or are there risks that they will be full?

The terminals at Slottsskogsgatan and Dalens Idrottsplan will be closed 21th of May. The terminals at Linnéplatsen and Botaniska Trädgården risk becoming full. Please hold yourself up to date through the application Nextbike.

Can you park next to the start and finish area?
Nope, the area will be closed for traffic 08.00 am - 19.30 pm.
For parking spaces connected to shuttle buses, please follow the link.