Move around in Gothenburg

Public transport:Travel by public transport - your race bib is your ticket

Göteborgsvarvet – If you have NOT picked up your race bib

The exhibition Göteborgsvarvet Expo is held at Svenska Mässan (the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre) in central Gothenburg at Korsvägen (beside of Gothia Towers Hotel).

We encourage Göteborgsvarvet runners to use public transportation and as a half marathon runner you may use your confirmation of registration as your ticket to ride free on all forms of public transport in Gothenburg and Mölndal, including the commuter train to and from Alingsås, Ale, and Kungsbacka (14-16 May).

Scan the QR-code on your confirmation of registration for free entry and to get your race bib printed out.

Göteborgsvarvet- For those of you who have already picked up your race bib or start number

Go direct to the start area.

We recommend you take public transportation or bike.

If you plan on biking there is a place to park your bikes at the large gravel parking lot (Dalens grusplaner) near Slottsskogsvallen.

The tram and bus stops that are close to the start/finish area are stops Marklandsgatan and Linnéplatsen. Your confirmation of registration will allow you to ride all public transportation free of charge during 14-16 May in Gothenburg and Mölndal, including the commuter trains to Alingsås, Ale and Kungsbacka.

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Taxi:Taxi Göteborg – wherever you want, whenever you want

You should not think of anything else than running. Plan ahead and book a taxi that can take you to the starting area, or even better take a taxi back home when the race is over – You are worth it! And if you run out of energy during the race our drivers are standing along the track and will drive you, free of charge, to the finish area – no one is left behind.

We are here for you, every day, around the clock, throughout your stay and will take you wherever you want.

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Car:Parking in Gothenburg

Parking when picking up your race bib

For you who travel by car to get you bib number we recommend that you park your car in the central parts of Gothenburg. Download the parking app Parkering Göteborg for information about the amount of available parking spaces in the city.

Parking when you've already picked up your race bib

Göteborgsvarvet has a limited amount of parking spaces in the industrial area of Högsbo. The addresses are J A Wettergrens gata, Gruvgatan, Olof Asklunds gata, A Odhners gata.

You will have to pay a 100 SEK (cash or swish) to compensate for the carbon footprint.

Remember that you can only park here if you already have picked up your bib number from Göteborgsvarvet Expo. From the parking lot there will be direct buses to Marklandsgatan, close to the start and finish area.

The buses run between 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM. After the finish the buses will go back to the parking lot at 2.00-08.00 PM.

Bus or RV:Parking with bus or RV

If you are planning on coming by bus or RV/Caravan then you may park at Valhalla IP (near Scandinavium). There is free parking for buses.

RV/Caravans pay an environmental fee/compensation fee of 200 SEK (cash or swish) to compensate for their carbon footprint.

You can pick up your race bib at the Göteborgsvarvet Expo (Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre), from there runners can go straight to the starting line with public transportation and back to Valhalla IP when the race is over (free public transportation when you show your race bib or proof of registration).

The buses should not be moved after the runners pick up their start number or race bib. They should stay parked in the parking lot until the race is over.

Valhalla IP will be open between 06.00-09.00 PM on friday may 15 and between 08.00 AM-06.00 PM on saturday may 16. the parking closes on sunday may 17 at 12 PM. You reach the parking lot from Levgrensvägen 10.

More information

  • Download the app Parkering Göteborg for more information about the amount of free parking spaces in the city.
  • On the website you will find timetables and all relevant information when you travel by public transport.
  • Read more about getting around in Gothenburg on the official tourist guide.