Here you can find information about your registration for Göteborgsvarvet 2020.


You register for Göteborgsvarvet here on the web site. Observe that your registration is not valid until the registration fee is paid. The payment can be made via card or directly through your bank. We do not send out any paying-in forms.

Before registering you first have to sign up on My Page. If you already have an account since earlier, you use that one and log in. When you are logged in on My Page you can register for the race.


Register others

If you want to give away a registration to Göteborgsvarvet as a birthday gift, Christmas present or maybe to help your friend getting active, you can buy a gift card.

  1. Click on the link, buy gift card
    Fill out your (the buyer) email address. Choose the race you want to buy gift card for.
  2. Complete the purchase and implement the payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. It says that you have purchased a gift card for 2020. Observe that the gift card is valid once you have paid the registration fee.
  3. The confirmation contains a PDF file, which you can give to the recipient of the gift card. The file has a promotional code that the recipient uses to pay the registration. The same code can also be found in the email.

Instructions for you with a gift card

  1. Log in to your account at If you do not have an account already, create a new one and enter your details, or register without logging in.
  2. Select new registration and the race you are going to participate (the race you have a gift card for)
  3. Continue your registration by filling out your personal information. Enter the voucher code – found in your gift card, when prompted. (When you enter the code, the amount of the payment page will be 0 SEK)
  4. Once you have made a binding registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Run for charity

Since 2011, Göteborgsvarvet reserves a number of starting places in the race for different charity organizations.

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According to the rules of The Swedish Track and Field Association, a participant in a half marathon has to be 17 years old. With other words, we accept registrations from runners who are born 2003 and earlier to Göteborgsvarvet 2020.

Registration fees 2020

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon

595 SEK until May 19th 2019
645 SEK until June 30th 2019
695 SEK until October 31st 2019
795 SEK until March 31st 2020
895 SEK from April 1st 2020, subject to availability

Runners born year 2000-2003:
395 SEK until October 31st 2019
495 SEK until March 31st 2020
595 SEK from April 1st 2020, subject to availability

Change of address

You can change your address on your user profile that is available at your account.

Your registration is personal

Your registration to Göteborgsvarvet is personal. It is not allowed to participate in somebody else’s name.

Göteborgsvarvet 2020 – information about name change

It is possible to transfer your registration and starting place in Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon 2020 to another runner, for a fee of two hundred and fifty (250) SEK paid to us. It is not allowed to transfer your registration to someone else or to let someone else run in your place, without paying the transfer fee and reporting the transfer on our web page.

Please note that the buyer does not take over the seller’s start group. If the transfer is made before May 11th 2020 the buyer is placed in a start group following the ordinary seeding rules (the final date to send in your results for seeding is April 6th 2020). If the transfer is made later on, the buyer will be placed in the first start group with a free space (last day to transfer a registration to Göteborgsvarvet 2020 is May 11th 2020) .

If selling a starting place, the seller finds the buyer by themselves. Make sure to take note of the buyer’s email address. Thereafter, the seller needs to log in to his/her account. Click on the registration for Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, and the link “Transfer”. Follow the instructions. A registration code is thereafter sent to the buyer, which can be used when making a registration fot Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon. The transfer fee of 250 SEK is paid at the end.

Transference of registration is only allowed for Göteborgsvarvet 2020 and Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021.

Charity and youth

When selling a starting place for charity, the buyer is obligated to stick with the charity organization which the seller has chosen. Starting places with a youth price (300 SEK, born 2000-2003) can only be sold to runners born 2000-2003.

Full terms

When you register for Göteborgsvarvet you accept the following conditions.