Follow a runner with RaceONE


By using the RaceONE app, the audience can track runners live along Digital Göteborgsvarvet 2021 and Digital Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021.

Participants who run with their mobile and have activated an account in the RaceONE app, can be tracked via their phone GPS. Family and friends can receive information such as notifications when a certain point is passed, distance, pace and estimated finishing time.

This is how you follow a runner with RaceONE


Download the RaceONE app and register. As soon as you've registered your friends and family can follow you along the track. For the best experience you run with your phone and with the GPS on - then your followers get your exact position.


  1. Download the RaceONE app and follow one or more runners by adding their start number.
  2. Search for start numbers.

The cost is 45 SEK (or the equivalent in your local currency) to follow an unlimited amount of runners.

Even runners who do not run with their phones can be tracked using RaceONE. The estimated times are then based on when the runner passes split times (start time, 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km etc).

Read more on RaceONE website