Determination of a runner's start group

The runners of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon start in different start groups during a time period of about three hours. The start groups are split up with a couple of minutes interval. The exact start group in which a runner is placed is decided by different factors as described below.


How your start group is determined Göteborgsvarvet has a large number of start groups for the runners. From the time the race starts until the last start group has started takes about 3 hours total with a couple of minutes between the start of each group. Which start group a runner is placed in is determined by the different factors described below:

Start group rules Göteborgsvarvet May 16th 2020
You can already see which start group you are going to be in based on your previous results, see table below. Your final start group will be announced in your start certificate, which will be available at your account and by mail at the begining of May 2020.

Your best result or finishing time in Göteborgsvarvet for 2018 and/or 2019
Runners that have completed the race in the last two years are seeded based on the fastest time from these last two years that they’ve competed (see table below).

No previous finishing times
If you don’t have any seeding times then you are placed in a start group based on when you registered i.e. the earlier you register, the earlier your start group will be. Your final start group for the Göteborgsvarvet 2020 will be announced to all runners in the begining of May. Your start certificate will be mailed at the same time and is also available on your account for downloading.

Half marathon and marathon completed March 18th, 2019 – April 6th, 2020
If you have ran a sanctioned marathon faster than 3:55:00 or a sanctioned half marathon faster than 1:46:00 then you may apply for a separate seeding. Send us a copy of your race results (screenshot, diploma, or a link) to by April 6th 2020 at the latest.

Max time limit
The finishing line closes at 7:00 pm. In order to have traffic up and running again in Gothenburg we will have a cut-off time at Frihamnsmotet at 5:40pm (after 13.3km). Runners that have not made the cut-off time will be transported back to the finishing area. The start of the Göteborgsvarvet takes place between 1:00-4:00pm, max time depends on which start group you are in. The earlier you start, the more time you have to finish the race. This means that to reach the cut-off time at 13.3 km you will need to have an average speed of 7:31 min/km if you are in the last start group that starts at 4:00pm.

If a runner starts in an earlier start group than what has been assigned to them for the Göteborgsvarvet 2020 then they will be disqualified. Since 2018, all runners will have their first name printed on their race bibs. If you run with another runner’s race bib you can be disqualified.

Start group 1 and Swedish Half Marathon Masters – the info below is not updated
Elite runners that have ran a sanctioned 10 km race during the time period March 19 2018- April 8 2019 and are able show their results of 35:00 minutes (men) and 39:00 minutes (women) respectively can apply for a separate seeding to be placed in start group 1. Send a copy of your finishing times (screenshot of the results list, diploma, or link) to by 8 April 2019 at the latest.

To participate in the Swedish Half Marathon Championships 2019 you are required to represent a club affiliated to the Swedish Athletics Federation and you must have reached one of the below qualifying times in a sanctioned race during the period January 1 2018- April 29 2019:

Men: Marathon 2:39:00, half marathon 1:12:00 or 10,000 meters (track or road) 32:00:00
Women: Marathon 3:06:00, half marathon 1:25:30 or 10,000 meters (track or road) 37:00:00

Register for Swedish Championships at: