Charity – this is how it works 1

Published: Jul 9th, 2018

Charity - this is how it works

What’s included in the entry fee?

The organizations offer different added values to “their registrations”, they also set the entry fee for the registrations. More information above, as well as on the organization’s websites.

Organizations to run for

In 2019, you can choose to run for one of seven different organizations; Stadsmissionen, Ung Cancer, Wateraid, Ågrenska, CancerRehabFonden, Bräcke diakoni och A Non Smoking Generation.

Contribution to the organization

During 2011-2018 runners in Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon has collected more than 10 million SEK to charity. News for 2019; each organization chooses the entry fee for their registrations. Thank you for contributing!

Become a charity partner

Criterias for applying for a charity partner:

  • Be a certified charity organization, Swedish 90 account or Membership in FRII.
  • You work to improve the public health in Sweden.

For more information about criteria and application, contact

Published: Jul 9th, 2018