How to track the runners

Do you want to experience the atmosphere on September 3rd?

There are several different options to follow the race and track the progress of your loved ones.

Track runners:Get the app!

Download Göteborgsvarvet's app and take part in information both for you as a runner and visitor. The app can be downloaded where apps are available and is called Göteborgsvarvet. For those who already have the app, update it through the App Store/Google Play for the latest version.

The app includes, among other things:

  • Live results where you can follow your friends with position and time.
  • Our latest news
  • Participant and visitor information
  • Results lists
  • Beautiful selfie filters
  • The app is recently updated for the 2023, update the app in your phone to follow runners.

Go into the app and click on the bell icon in the top right corner. Then click on Timing and News to checkmark them. This way, you will receive push notifications with live updates for the runners you have added as Favorites, including intermediate checkpoints and the finish line.

Follow runners - Add your friends as favorites
Search for the runner(s) you want to follow in the app.

  • Click on "Results & My Favorites" and search for the name or start number of the person you want to follow. For SEK 40 you can follow up to 25 runners at the same time. Click (+) and a runner will be added as a Favorite

In order for you to be able to follow a runner's exact position during the race, the person running the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon needs to register with their Registration ID + surname in the app at "My Race". For exact position, the runner also needs to start tracking in the app in connection with the start of the race.

If you follow a runner who has not registered their registration ID/started tracking during the race, you will see the runner's intermediate times and results live, as well as the estimated time for the next intermediate pass, but not the runner's exact position on the course.

Follow the race:Along the course

A good advice is to make your way to one of the public areas, such as the starting point at Slottsskogen, Götaplatsen, the Opera House, or the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen. Along the entire course, there are several enjoyable music stations where you can listen to live bands. You can find information about the bands performing along the route here.