Race information

We'll meet at the starting line

When: September 3, 2023. Starting at 11:00 AM.

Where: The start is in Slottsskogen, and the finish line is at Slottsskogsvallen.

Distance: 42,195 meters through Gothenburg.

Start- and finish area:Göteborgsvarvet Marathon arena

Navigate easily between race bib distribution, bag drop-off, restrooms, and wave

  • Choose a wave according to your pace: Seeding system

    Göteborgsvarvet Marathon applies self-seeding based on expected finish time, where you, as a runner, choose the wave you believe you belong to. Check the start time for each wave on the Arena Map above. Each wave has a designated pacer. The first wave starts at 11:00 AM, followed by a rolling start. All runners will have started by 11:30 AM. Your timing will only begin once you cross the starting line.

    It is important to position yourself in the appropriate starting corral to ensure the best experience for you and your fellow runners, with a smooth flow on the course.

Race course:42 km experience

The marathon course passes through many of Gothenburg's finest locations. The start is in Slottsskogen, and the finish line is at Slottsskogsvallen. The course takes two different loops around the city, incorporating parts of the classic Göteborgsvarvet route as well as new sections. The course showcases charming and vibrant neighborhoods, bridges with breathtaking views of Gothenburg's harbor entrance and archipelago, and a festive atmosphere like no other.

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Good to know:During the race day

  • How to get there

    Due to the city's anniversary celebrations and several ongoing construction projects in our growing city, there will be significant traffic impact during Marathon weekend. We encourage you to use public transportation. The nearest bus/tram stop to the race bib distribution area is Marklandsgatan. The nearest bus/tram stops to the start line are Marklandsgatan or Linnéplatsen.

  • Restrooms and showers

    Restrooms are available throughout the event area, please refer to the arena map above for their locations. Shower facilities will be provided at Slottskogsvallens sport center for runners.

  • Bag drop

    Bag drop is provided in the entrance park near the finish area, between the Marathon Expo and the start area. Please refer to the arena map above for its location. Your race bib serves as a receipt when you retrieve your bag after the race.

  • Surf freely in Slottsskogen

    In Slottsskogen, our event partner Göteborg Energi provides free Wi-Fi. On race day, they enhance the capacity to ensure that both runners and spectators can securely stay connected with each other after the finish line.

  • Run support: Along the track

    Warm-up - A collective warm-up session will take place at the start under the guidance of instructors from STC.

    Energy - Water and sports drinks will be available, along with offerings such as pickles, bananas, cola, salt, and something sweet.

    Restrooms - Restrooms are located near the hydration stations throughout the course.

    Medical Support - Medical assistance will be available on-site to provide healthcare services.

    Music - Enjoy uplifting music along the course to keep you energized and motivated.

    Live Results - Friends and family can track your progress during the race through the Göteborgsvarvet app, which provides intermediate times.

    Transportation - Transportation will be provided from the water stations back to the finish area in case you need to withdraw from the race.

  • Live results: Runner tracking

    Allow your friends and family to track your entire journey from start to finish. Learn more about live results directly on your mobile phone and discover recommended spectator areas.

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Drink moderately and come prepared for the start!:Advice from the race doctor

Maintaining fluid balance, being healthy, energetic, and properly fueled with energy are key factors for a safe race. Read and follow the advice from Göteborgsvarvet's race doctor, Claes Mangelus.

Doctors advice

Well-deserved:After the race - Runner's Zone

  • Runner's Zone: Recovery

    After crossing the finish line, you will find various amenities in the Runners Zone, including water, bananas, and plenty of energy to replenish yourself.

  • Runner's Zone: Massage

    Well-deserved massage for sour muscles is available after the finish, free of charge.

  • Your achievement: Result

    View split times and results. Split times and results are updated in real-time and can be found immediately after the race here. The results will also be published on My Pages approximately 24 hours after the finish.

  • Well-deserved at the finish: The marathon medal

    The medal for the marathon race is created by the jewelry artist Carolina Claesson from HDK (School of Design and Crafts).

    The choice of the city coat of arms surrounded by a laurel wreath is perhaps the most classic representation of Gothenburg.

    We have designed the medal that we ourselves would like to receive after a performance of over 42 kilometers through Gothenburg's 400-year-old history.

  • Finisher T-shirt

    After 42 km, you deserve to brag! In addition to the well-deserved medal, water, and snacks at the finish line, you will also receive a Finisher T-shirt to take home with you.

Time to celebrate:Runners zone

After your 42 km, the finish line and your medal await. You then proceed into the Runner Zone where you can recover and celebrate with your fellow runners. In the Runner Zone, you will receive your well-deserved finisher t-shirt, can refuel with new energy, and receive a massage.

Shower facilities are available at Slottskogsvallen's sport center after the race.

  • Pictures from your race: Photo memories

    Did you get captured in a photo? A few days after the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon, you can find your race photos by entering your bib number. You can already express your interest through the same link to be notified when your race photos are published. Save memories for life!

    Race photos

Sustainability:A certified sustainable race

Göteborgsvarvet is at the forefront of sustainability among running events and continuously strives for a more sustainable race. Göteborgsvarvet is certified according to the international standard ISO-20121. Additionally, Göteborgsvarvet has been awarded the AIMS Green Award (2016) and the prize for sustainability achievement of the year by GMIC Sweden (2017).

Other information:Good to know

  • Rules and regulations of the race: Max time

    The start of the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon takes place between 11:00 and 11:30 AM, and the maximum time allowed for participants starting in the last starting corral is 6.5 hours. Along the course, there are cutoff times that participants must adhere to in order to reach the finish line and open the roads as planned.

    The finish line will close at 6:00 PM.

    Additional cutoff times

  • Rules and regulations of the race: Age limit

    According to the regulations of the Swedish Athletics Association (Svenska Friidrottsförbundet), participants must be 17 years old to participate in a marathon. Therefore, we accept registrations from runners born in 2006 or earlier for the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon.

    If you are under 18 years old at the time of registration, you must have the consent of a guardian.

  • Travel, accommodation, and experience: Experience Gothenburg

    Take the opportunity to experience the city during your stay. Make sure to make the most of Gothenburg before and after the race.

    Experience Gothenburg

  • Prize money 2023

    The top 5 male and female finishers will win the following prize money:

    1. 30,000 SEK
    2. 20,000 SEK
    3. 10,000 SEK
    4. 8,000 SEK
    5. 6,000 SEK

    Payment: The prize money will be sent to the respective clubs after the race. For international participants, there is a 15% tax deduction.

    Contact: Alexander Nilsson at alexander.nilsson@goteborgfriidrott.se, +46 705 81 52 41

  • Organizer and rules

    The regulations of the Swedish Athletics Association (Svenska Friidrottsförbundet) apply to Göteborgsvarvet. The race has two categories: men and women. Göteborgsvarvet Marathon is organized by the Gothenburg Athletics Association (Göteborgs Friidrottsförbund). Numerous clubs provide assistance, and all surplus from the races is used for the activities of the clubs and the operation of the training facility, Friidrottens Hus.