Fancy broke the course record at Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon

Published: May 24th, 2017

Last year a dream record were broken in the men’s class, Richard Mengich became the first runner under 60 minutes. This year it was women’s turn. Fancy Chemutai, Kenya, became the first woman to run Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon under 68 minutes.

– It was very tough but I felt strong throughout the race, says a happy winner.

She had an intense match with last year’s winner Violah Jepchumba throughout the race and was forced to release a few meters several times. But she struggled back each time and got ahead during the last kilometer.

I didn’t think I could win but I felt strong at the end, said Fancy, who made only her second race outside Kenya.

The end time was 67:58, three seconds under Jepchumbas time from last year.

In the men’s class last year second place runner, Geoffrey Yegon, also from Kenya, was able to win after a tough fight.

– It was not easy, I had to fight hard. I promised last year to come back to win and I did, he explains.

In the Swedish national championship there were two home-grown victories. Mustafa Mohamed took hold of the victory when it was four kilometers left in the previously unscrupulous men’s class.

I pushed a few times and after turning around Poseidon on Avenyn, I felt strong. I probably thought it would be tougher, commenting on Mustafa Mohamed as the last few kilometers could enjoy the audience’s appreciation.

– It was really fun and it was very nice to enjoy the audience and enter the Slottsskogsvallen and hear all the cheering.

In the women’s class, as a supirse, Malin Strand from Sävedalen tok the first place.

– This is a dream, it was almost not an option before the race that i could win, she comments.

She took the lead halfway into the race.

– Then I received reports that I had a gap and I felt alert almost all the time. After Avenyn I was a bit worried when I got a little weak but it went well. It was absolutely amazing to run over the finishline like winner.

– It was a fun race with exciting matches in all four classes, says Bo Edsberger, Race Director

Before the race there were concerns that the hot weather would cause problems.

– The temperature dropped twelve degrees, it’s almost unlikely, but it was good for the runners. All logistics has largely worked perfectly and we have not had any serious incidents, says Bo Edsberger.

42 891 runners started in Göteborgsvarvet, 42 430 came in goal.

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Published: May 24th, 2017