Goal: Reach 100 000 SEK in a month

Published: Nov 8th, 2017

In November, runner’s registration is extra valuable. All runners who sign up for the Göteborgsvarvet in November automatically contribute to charity.

Göteborgsvarvet now makes an extra effort and has set a goal to collect at least 100,000 SEK in November, to the three beneficiaries Ågrenska, Stadsmissionen and Ung Cancer.

Everyone who register for Göteborgsvarvet in November automatically contributes to charitable purposes with 100 SEK /registration.

You who registrate between 1-10 November donate 100 SEK to Ågrenska
You who registrate between November 11-20 donate 100 SEK to Stadsmissionen
You who registrate between 21-30 November donate 100 SEK to Ung Cancer

Ågrenska Foundation will use the funds collected for a sibling’s week. Sibling’s Week gives children and their families the chance to build networks, exchange experiences and gain power to master everyday life. And above all: have fun. You help to bring children with siblings who has different disabilities to a camp and meet others in the same situation.

Stadsmissionen will use Göteborgsvarvet money to summer camps, where children who have a rough home can breathe out for a few days in a safe environment, in this way Stadsmissionen can give children and young people who are vulnerable to a bright time in their lives.

Ung Cancer will use the contribution from Göteborgsvarvet to activities that improve the living conditions of young adult cancer-affected people.

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Published: Nov 8th, 2017