GöteborgsVarvet celebrates with a marathon in 2021

Published: Dec 6th, 2013

The city of Gothenburg celebrates its 400 year anniversary in 2021, the same year the 42nd half marathon is organized. The anniversary will be celebrated with a once in a lifetime race: the chance to run 2×21 km in Gothenburg.

Göteborgsvarvet Marathon is a unique race organized just once. The start is at 10 am on Sunday September 19th 2021.

– We will celebrate Gothenburg in many different ways all the way to 2021, and this will be one of the highlights of our festivities, that really can contribute in making an international impression. It’s very exciting and inspirational that Göteborgsvarvet will organize a marathon during the celebratory year, says Camilla Nyman, temp CEO at Gbg & Co.

Runners that want to join have plenty of time to prepare, exactly 2,844 days. But already on February 27th 2014 registration opens and 7,000 of the total 15,000 entries are released. Half of the 15,000 entries are exclusively reserved for international runners and the organizer will invite runners from all over the world to join the race and the festivities.

– The idea of organizing a marathon during the celebratory year was born a long time ago. Finally we can start the long and inspiring journey for both runners and organization to be fully prepared to face a unique and memorable marathon, says Race Director Bo Edsberger.

Göteborgsvarvet Marathon is  42,195 long and is organized by Göteborg Athletic Association in favor for track and field activities in the region.

Göteborgsvarvet Marathon

Date: Sunday September 19th 2021, start at 10 am
Course: 42,195 meters (2×Göteborgsvarvet)
Registration: Registration opens on February 27th 2014 when 7,000 entries open up
Number of runners: Max 15,000
Organizer: Göteborg Athletic Association

Published: Dec 6th, 2013