Oskar Summerton is the artist behind the Göteborgsvarvet medal 2018

Published: Jun 29th, 2017

Many runners voted for the Göteborgsvarvet medal 2018. Four students from the jewellery programme at HDK contributed with their suggestions and Oskar Summerton’s entry received most votes. Congratulations Oskar!

Oskar Summerton’s contribution ”Känsla av staden” (Feeling of the City) received 41 % of the approximately 9200 votes and will therefore be the design of the medal that will decorate the runners after the finish line of Göteborgsvarvet on May 19, 2018.

– In my medal I have chosen to highlight four characteristic elements in Gothenburg that are part of the runners’ experience: Älvsborgsbron and Eriksbergskranen, the colors of which are included in the medal, Göta River and the tram tracks, explains Oskar Summerton.

See Oskar talk about his entry “Feeling of the City” (In Swedish)

Since 2014, Göteborgsvarvet has collaborated with HDK about the design of the medal.

– We are very pleased with the cooperation we have with HDK and I am impressed by all the design ideas that the students are presenting each year. It’s also fun that so many runners have voted on their favorite, says Bo Edsberger.

During a few weeks in June, until last Sunday, runners had the opportunity to vote for any of the four contributions created by students. The entries were made by: Oskar Summerton, Rebecca Radhammar, Karolina Berg and Hanna Havdell.

Published: Jun 29th, 2017