Plan ahead when traveling to the Expo and the start area

Published: May 20th, 2016

The area around the start and finish line is going to be closed off for all traffic. No cars will be able to enter the area on the day of the race on the 21 May.

We strongly encourage you to take public transportation. This year all runners registered for the GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon can ride free of charge not only on Saturday but even on Thursday and Friday (confirmation of registration or race bib are used as valid tickets). During the race weekend public transportation is being reinforced with extra buses and trams not only on the regular routes but there will also be a temporary bus route put in from Korsvägen to the start/finish area.

If you absolutely must take the car then we recommend you park in the parking deck at Gårda or in the city center and from there take the public transportation to the start/finish area. Don’t forget to pick up your race bib at the Swedish Congress and Exhibition Centre. If you are coming from out of town you can park at Åby-Travbana (Åby Racetrack). From here there will be buses going direct to the GöteborgsVarvet Expo. If you are coming with a camper, RV, caravan or bus then you should park at Valhalla IP.

Trams and shuttle buses during GöteborgsVarvet (12.30-19.00) 
Trams and shuttle buses in Gothenburg (except May 21st between 12.30-19.00)
Complete information on how you get to the GöteborgsVarvet Expo or the start/finish area

Published: May 20th, 2016