Registration transfers permitted until 30 April

Published: Apr 21st, 2016

After popular request, GöteborgsVarvet 2016 officially allows you to transfer your start number to another non-registered runner (for a fee of 250kr up until 30 April).

Information about name changes

Until April 30th 2016, it is possible to transfer your registration and starting place in GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon 2016 to another runner, for a fee of two hundred and fifty (250) SEK paid to us. It is not allowed to transfer your registration to someone else or to let someone else run in your place, without paying the transfer fee and reporting the transfer on our web page. After the date of April 30th 2016 it is not allowed to transfer registrations.

Please not that the buyer does not take over the seller’s start group. If the transfer is made before March 20th 2016 the buyer is placed in a start group following the ordinary seeding rules. If the transfer is made between March 21st 2016 and April 30th 2016 the buyer will be placed in the start group following the seeding rules, as far as space allows, in other cases in the first following group with a free space.

How it works:

1. Sell your starting place

The seller finds the buyer by themselves. Make sure to take note of the buyer’s name, birth date and e-mail address. This information is needed to proceed with the transfer.

Thereafter, the seller needs to log in to My Page. A list of registered races is shown. Click the link “Sell your starting place” and follow the instructions.

2. A registration code is sent to the buyer

When the seller has provided the needed information (buyer’s name, birth date and e-mail address), a registration code is sent to the buyer. The seller also gets a confirmation e-mail.

3. The buyer registers for the race

The buyer logs in to My Page and registers for the race using the provided registration code. The transfer fee of two hundred and fifty (250) SEK is paid at the end. The transfer is now complete and the buyer gets a confirmation e-mail. The seller is no longer registered for the race.

Transference of registration is only allowed for GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon 2016 and GöteborgsVarvet Marathon 2021.


Published: Apr 21st, 2016