Share the joy – give away a registration for Christmas

Published: Dec 13th, 2017

Encourage your loved ones and let them be part of this spring’s major running event. Give away a registration to Göteborgsvarvet as a Christmas present.

Buy a gift card – this is how you do:

  1. Follow this link to buy a gift card
  2. Fill in your information, name, gender and e-mail address. Choose which race you want to buy a gift card for.
  3. Complete the purchase and implement the payment. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. It says that you have purchased a gift voucher for 2018. Observe that the gift card is valid once you have paid the registration fee.
  4. Attached in the confirmation is a pdf (the gift card). Give the gift card to the person you bought the certificate for. There is a code in the PDF which the receiver uses as payment when they register. You can find the same code in the e-mail.

If you received a gift voucher – this is how you register
Happy holiday!

Published: Dec 13th, 2017