Your personal confirmation of registration is now available

Published: Apr 20th, 2018

Confirmations of registration for all our races are now available. Registered runners will receive their confirmation of registration by e-mail, it is also be available on My Pages. Confirmations of registration will only be sent out digitally.

Remember to print or save the confirmation sheet on your phone and show it when you pick up your race bib at Göteborgsvarvet Expo. When you pick up your race package, please bring one of the following:

A printed copy of your confirmation of registration (attached as a PDF)
A mobile friendly version of the confirmation of registration, available.

Scan your QR-code for free entrance to Göteborgsvarvet Expo at Svenska Mässan.

Make sure you read all the information in the confirmation of registration carefully, so that you arrive well prepared to the start.

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Published: Apr 20th, 2018