How far can you get in 59 minutes and 35 seconds? During Göteborgsvarvet 2016, Richard Mengich managed to follow the blue line along the streets of Gothenburg and reach the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen in record time, 00:59:35.

Starting May 22 you can accept the challenge and see how far you get within this timeframe, when Göteborgsvarvet alongside RaceONE is hosting the virtual race called 00:59:35.

The race is open to registrations.

The entry fee is 95 kr (registration only) or 195 kr (including t-shirt from New Balance).


00:59:35:Run anywhere

Will you make it across Älvsborgsbron, all the way to Avenyn or the final stretch toward Slottsskogsvallen?

No matter where you run you can push yourself and see how far you’ll make it within the record time of Göteborgsvarvet, 00:59:35. A perfect way to prepare for Göteborgsvarvet on September 11, and Göteborgsvarvet Marathon on September 19.

The race takes place from May 22 at 00:59:35 to May 24 at 00:59:35, and you can begin your race at any time during this period.

Share your experience!

We will publish messages from runners, tips and encouragements on our channels all weekend, so feel free to share your experience before, during and after your race. This way we can encourage each other! Tag your posts using #göteborgsvarvet.

Be prepared:Important information before start

  • What is 00:59:35?

    A virtual timed race where you see how far you can run, or walk, in the time 00:59:35.

  • Start & racecourse

    Run where you are! You decide where to run and you have 59 minutes and 35 seconds to get as far as possible. The race takes place from May 22 at 00:59:35 to May 24 at 00:59:35, and you can start running at any time in this period.

  • Certification of registration

    Will be sent a few days before the race.

  • Timekeeping & distance

    You run as far as you can in 59 minutes and 35 seconds. The race is hosted by Göteborgsvarvet together with RaceONE, the technical platform used for the virtual race. You can choose to run with the mobile application on, or you can measure distance and time using your smartwatch or fitness tracker and then upload your results.

  • Warm up

    Warm up before you start running, just like before a regular race. That way your body will be ready to perform.

  • T-shirt from New Balance

    When signing up for the race you will have the opportunity to add a nice runner’s shirt from New Balance to the entrance fee. There is a limited number of shirts and the first 5,000 people who select this option will get a t-shirt mailed to them after the race. The garment will be printed with the race logo in the front and potential sponsors at arms/back. The t-shirt costs SEK 100 including shipping within Sweden. Supplement of SEK 63 will be added per shipment for international delivery.