Information to participants

See you by the blue line

When: The 13th of May 2023, start from 13:00

Where: Start area at Margretebergsgatan close to Slottsskogsvallen

Distans: 21.097,5 meter through Gothenburg

Good to know:Before the race

  • Contact us: Runners support

    As a participant you have access to our fantastic custumer service.

    Contact us Q&A

  • What start group?: Seeding system

    Like most major marathons around the world, we uses a seeding system to stagger the start. Which group a runner is placed in is determined by earlier qualifying time. Already now you can tentatively see which starting group you will end up in, or what result you need in a seeding race for a specific start group.

    Seeding system

  • Make sure to be in time: Bib distribution

    Pick up your bib at Göteborgsvarvet Expo in Friidrottens Hus 11 - 13 May.
    Thursday: 11am - 9pm
    Friday: 10am - 9pm
    Saturday: 8am - 3pm

    We recommend everyone who can to pick up the race bib during Thursday or Friday. If you pick up your bib on Saturday, we recommend that you do it during the slot time based on your start group, this to minimize queuing. Slot times can be found in the arena map below and here. It is fine to pick up number bib for others as long as you have their QR code from their start certificate.

Start and finish area:Göteborgsvarvet arena

Orient yourself easily between number bib distribution, bag drop-in, toilets and start groups.

21 km experience

Göteborgsvarvet's track takes you through festival-vibrating Slottskogen, along Hisingen's beautiful quays and past the pulse of the avenue. The running party is also spiced up with an audience of over 200,000 people, 50 music stations and many other activities along the way!

The course

Good to know:Race day

  • How to get there

    We recommend to take public transportation to the start at Margretebergsgatan. The nearest stops are Marklandsgatan and Linnéplatsen. Read more about alternatives to get to the start area here.

  • Running service in the Göteborgsvarvet arena: Surf freely in Slottsskogen

    In Slottsskogen, our event partner Göteborg Energi offers free Wi-Fi. During the race day they increase the capacity so that both you as a runner and the audience can safely reach each other after the finish line.

  • WC & shower facilities

    Toilets are available around the event area, see the arena map above. Shower facilities will be available in Frölundaborg, Heden and Åby after the race.

  • Bag drop

    Bag drop are provided in the event area. See arena map above. Your bib is the receipt when you pick up your things.

  • Run support: Along the track

    • Warm up - at the start by instructors from STC
    • Water station - Both water and energi drink
    • Toilettes
    • Health care
    • Music
    • Live resultats - Friends and family can follow you throughout the race
    • Transportation - back to the start area if you have to cancel
  • Live results: Runner tracking

    Let your friends and family follow you all the way from start to finish. Read more about live broadcasts, how they follow you in Göteborgsvarvet's app, how they get live results directly on their mobile and which audience seats we recommend.

    Read more

  • Personal pictures from your race: Photo memories

    Our photography partner GetPica has photographers stationed at a number of locations along the course, at the finish line and in the Runners' zone. GetPica's photo service gives access to personal photos in high-resolution digital format upon purchase, directly in your phone. Save memories for life!

    Do this:
    Wear your number tag correctly, centered on your chest throughout the race.
    Go to and create your account.
    Enter your code that you will find on your number bib next to the QR codes.
    Take a picture of your number bib in case you throw it away/lose it so you have access to your picture code.
    Check your photos and share them with your friends.

    You can buy the pictures from GetPica. also offers runner photos from Götaplatsen, you can find the photos here.

Drink smart and be prepared:Advice from the race doctor

Knowing how to drink right, and to be healthy and safe on the race day is important. Follow the advice Göteborgsvarvet’s own medical doctor, Claes Mangelus, has put together for a safer race experience!

Doctors advice

Well deserved:After the race

  • Runner´s Zone: Recovery

    Water and energi are provided at the finish

  • Runner´s Zone: Massage

    Well-deserved massage for sour muscles is available after the finish, free of charge.

  • Your achievement: Result

    Result are updated live and can be found here. The result is also published on My pages approx. 24 h after finishing.

  • Runner´s Zone: Medal

    The medal that await at the finish line 2023 is "Victory and sun!" produced by the artist Jennifer Omberg. The medal was picked by runners through voting which took place between 1 - 31 August 2022.

  • extend the experience: After Run!

    For the first time there will also be an official After Run area open to both runners and spectators.

    Skip the shower and celebrate with good food and drinks, and the obvious live music. You can find the area at Dalens gravel area, right next to the bag drop-off, and it is open from 12:00 to 20:00 on May 13. Live music and entertainment on stage starts at 16:00.

Sustainability:A certified sustainable race

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon aims to be at the forefront in protecting the environment and working towards a more sustainable event. Thanks to our hard work and efforts we are ISO 20121 certified.

Read more

Other information:Good to know

  • Max time

    The finish line closes at 07.00 pm. Ropes are drawn on Hisingen, Frihamnspiren at 05.40 pm (13.5 km) and at Postgatan/City 06.05 (15km). Runners who does not reach the ropes in time will be transported back to the finish area. The maximum time to finish the race depend on which start group you belong. An approximate average pace of 7.25 min / km is required if you are placed in the last start group to manage the limit after 13.5 kilometers.

  • Start with a friend

    If you want to run with a friend, it is always allowed to move to a start group further back. You can do this without contacting us and it will not affect your result. Observe that this only applies when moving to a start group further back, moving to an earlier start group will lead to disqualification.

  • Experience Gothenburg

    Take the opportunity to experience the city during your stay. Make sure to make the most of Gothenburg before and after the race.

    Experience Gothenburg

  • Organizer and rules

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is governed by the rules of the Swedish Track & Field association and organized by Göteborg Athletic Association. There is two competition classes: Female and Men.