Run 4,3 kilometers from Götaplatsen along Göteborgsvarvet´s blue line to the finish line at Slottsskogsvallen (the same course as Göteborgsvarvet). You get your own yoga mat and then a wonderful meditation and yoga class in Slottsskogen. Yogavarvet is open for all ages.

Yogavarvet will not be arranged in 2021. Registered runners will receive more information via email.

Yogavarvet:Find the rhythm with Yogavarvet

We have combined the best of two worlds in Yogavarvet. First, you challenge breath and legs in the race, then land softly and well-deserved on the yoga mat to stretch out, relax, enjoy the atmosphere and find an inner calm in a completely unique environment. The overall experience during the day is WOW with so many different impressions and sensations. If you like both running and yoga, this event is for you! Namasté.

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Course map:Run first. Then yoga and meditate

Yogavarvet´s course is 4,3 kilometers long (the same course and start time as for the runners in CItyvarvet). The start will take place at Götaplatsen, on Gothenburg's parade street Avenyn, in the middle of Gothenburg. Here there is music and entertainment, the course then goes onto Vasagatan, along Övre Husargatan, into the Slottsskogen and to the finish on the classic Slottsskogsvallen. When you finish, you get your yoga mat and then walk to the yoga and meditation session in Slottsskogen! The yoga session starts at 14:15.

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