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Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon May 18th 2019

With over 60,000 registered runners and more than 200,000 dedicated supporters along the race course. Since the start in 1980 over 1,4 million runners have registered for the race – are you going to be next?


What time do you start?

Your start time depends on your start group. Your start group can be found on your confirmation of registration, on My Page, or by searching among registered runners.

Start groups

Details of the race course

The distance of the course is 21,097.5 meters, a half marathon. The course is certified by an authorized IAAF course measurer. Study the map be fully prepared!

The course

Finding your way to start

On May 17th, 18th and 19th, your race bib or confirmation of registration can be used as a valid ticket on all public transport within the Gothenburg area, as well as on the local train networks.


Pick up your race bib

Before the race, you need to pick up your package containing your race bib and time measurement chip at Göteborgsvarvet Expo. The expo is held at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in the center of Gothenburg. Bring your confirmation of registration.

Race bibs

Follow runners live

Participants who run with their mobile and have activated an account in the RaceONE app, can be tracked via their phone GPS. Family and friends can receive information such as notifications when a certain point is passed, distance, pace and estimated finishing time.

1. As a runner: Download the RaceONE app and register.
2. Followers: Download the RaceONE app and follow one or more runners by adding their start number.

The cost is 30 SEK (or the equivalent in your local currency) to follow an unlimited amount of runners.
More information 

Race pictures for free

Register your start number and receive free race pictures to post on your Facebook page.

Along the course there will be photographers taking pictures of the runners. By registering your start number (bib number) before the start you can have photos published to your Facebook page during the race!



Course map

21,097.5 meters of Gothenburg

Start groups

When is it your turn to start?

The runners of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon start in different start groups determined by the seeding rules. The start groups will be announced to all runners by mid-April. See time and place for all start groups.

Additional information

Everything you need to know about the race

  • Accommodation
  • Audience
  • Cash
  • Changing rooms and Bag Check
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Course
  • Cut off time
  • Diploma
  • ECO-friendly
  • Entry fees

  • Accommodation

    Göteborgsvarvet offers accommodation in Hotel Gothia Towers during the week of Göteborgsvarvet. There’s a limited number of places, so be sure to reserve your spot in plenty of time before the race.

    Read more about accommodation

  • Audience

    More than 200,000 supporters will cheer the runners along the race, which makes Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon to Sweden’s largest live event.

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon will be broadcasted on the National Swedish Television channel SVT1 or online on SVT Play (only in Sweden) on the race day. Additionally, the race can be followed on large screens located at Lindholmen, Slottsskogen, Götaplatsen, and in the start and finish area.

    Order split times and results to your mobile phone

  • Cash

    Cash is king. There’s no ATM in the start and finish area. Some of the vendors in the area only take cash.

  • Changing rooms and Bag Check

    Changing rooms

    Changing rooms for women are located at Slottsskogshallen and Slottsskogsrinken behind Friidrottens Hus. Changing rooms for men are found at the football field north of the start area. Please do not leave any valuables in the changing rooms.

    Bag Check

    Women’s bag check is located behind Friidrottens Hus, and men’s at the football field north of the start area. The top part of your race bib should be securely fastened to the baggage. The rest of the race bib is used to reclaim your baggage. Opening hours: 10 am-7.30 pm, May 19th.

  • Confirmation of registration

    You will receive your confirmation of registration by email before the race, it will also be available on My Page from the end of April. The confirmation will state your start number and start group.

    Don’t forget to bring your confirmation of registration when you pick up your race bib at the Göteborgsvarvet Expo (Swedish Exhibition Centre). The confirmation of registration (as well as the race bib) works a valid ticket on all public transport within the Gothenburg area, as well as on the local train networks on May 17th, 18th and 19th.

  • Course

    The distance is 21,097.5 meters, a half marathon. The course is certified by an authorized IAAF course measurer.

    Course map and profile

  • Cut off time

    If you are unable to finish the race then there will be buses and taxis from Taxi Göteborg at the water stations that will take you to the finish area. The finish line closes at 7:00pm. In order to keep traffic flowing in central Gothenburg the cut-off time will be at 5:40pm (after 13.3 km) at Frihamnsmotet. Runners that don’t make it before the cut off will be transported to the finish area.

    Don’t forget to turn in your ChampionChip to the race officials at the finish area.

  • Diploma

    Runners who wish to order a diploma with split times can do so at the Expo for a fee of SEK 65 or you can also send an email to
    Diplomas will be sent by mail in the end of July and September. The last day to order a diploma from Göteborgsvarvet 2017 is August 31st 2017.

  • ECO-friendly

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is IS0 20121 certified. This means that we each year go over the entire event and make changes to reduce our effect on the environment, Göteborgsvarvet also focuses on having a socially and economically sustainable event.

    During the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon Week, here’s what you can do as a runner or spectator to help us in our efforts:
    • Recycle your garbage and waste- be sure to choose the proper or appropriate bin.
    • Choose an eco-labeled hotel, we recommend Gothia Towers.
    • Choose one of our vegetarian alternatives at the start/finish area.
    • Choose the most environmentally friendly alternative for transportation to and from the race. Remember public transportation is free for all runners from Thursday-Saturday during the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon Week (use race bib or confirmation of registration sheet as valid tickets).

  • Entry fees

    Entry fees for our different races in 2018 are (with reservation for changes):

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon (runners born 1997 and before)

    595 SEK.
    After 31st of May 625 SEK, after 30th of July 695 SEK, after 31th of october 795 SEK and after 31st of Mars 895 SEK 

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon (runners born 1998-2001)

    250 SEK

    Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon “Run for charity”

    1200 SEK, where 600 SEK of the fee goes to the organization you choose to support (Stadsmissionen, Ung Cancer or Ågrenska).


    250 SEK
    April 1st – April 30th 350 SEK. 400 SEK on race day.

    Stafettvarvet (relay)

    995 SEK/team
    April 1st – April 30th 1295 SEK.

    Specialvarvet (special needs)

    125 SEK
    April 1st – April 30th 200 SEK.


    250 SEK.
    April 1st – April 30th 250 SEK. 400 SEK on race day.

    Cityvarvet  250 SEK until 31 Mars. Registration on race week 400 SEK

    When registarting for the Yoga run an additional fee of 200 SEK will be added.

    Lilla Varvet (kids)

    120 SEK
    April 1st – April 30th 200 SEK. 250 SEK on race day.

    Minivarvet (kids)

    80 SEK

    Göteborgsvarvet Marathon 2021

    1100 SEK (until 19 sept 2018)

Advice from the race doctor

Knowing how to drink right, and to be healthy and safe on the race day is important. Follow the advice Göteborgsvarvet’s own medical doctor, Claes Mangelus, has put together for a safer race experience!

The race doctor’s advice

Dress right for the race

Functional and comfortable clothes is important when racing — as well as good shoes. Stefan Rehn from adidas gives an insight in how to dress well in all kinds of Swedish weather, and how to pick the right race shoe.

Dress right for the race


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