This is where your 21 km long journey begins! In Göteborgsvarvet arena you will find Göteborgsvarvet Expo, Slottskogsvallen with the finish and the Runners Zone, and also what you are facing right now - the start!

The start has been located at Margretebergsgatan since 1982. In 1981 the start was located at Södra vägen and the finish at Ullevi. During the premiere, year 1980, the race started at Heden and finished at Ullevi. 1800 runners participated in the premiere, which was a sunny day - 30 degrees warm. Göteborgsvarvet's very first winners were Göran Högberg (1.06.17) and Midde Hamrin (1: 15.50).

“Imagine if we could get 5,000 to 6,000 participants sometime in the future. It would be a dream, ”said the then chairman of the Swedish Athletics Association, John Adolfsson, after the first race was done.

Today, there are often between 50,000 - 70,000 runners registered each year.

The start groups are located in the gray marked area, detailed information about start times and places for each start group will be in your announced in your start certificate, sent to you about two weeks before start.

Göteborgsvarvet Expo is our sports fair that offers everything you need for running, the industry's leading brands and also the number tag distribution. More information about opening hours, programs and exhibitors will also be found in your start certificate. If you have the opportunity to pick up your number tag the days before the race, it is preferable.

The best way to get to the starting area is via public transport, bicycle or on foot. You can find more information here.

The track profile is presented by Garmin

The track profile of Göteborgsvarvet for 2024 is presented together with Garmin through a downloadable Gpx file.

How to plan Göteborgsvarvet to perform as well as possible? By knowing the elevations and keeping the pace that is right for you, you will save energy until the final sprint. Garmin presents the track profile, which contains all the information about elevations that you need for your planning. The PacePro ™ function, which is found in several of Garmin's running watches, helps you know when you can run fast and when it might be smart to lower the pace.


From start to finish!:21 km of Gothenburg

As a participant in Göteborgsvarvet, you pass many beautiful places during your journey along the track. The race is also spiced up with an audience of over 200,000 people, 50 music stations and many other activities along the way! The distance you have to beat is a half marathon, ie. 21,097.5 meters. Even if your GPS watch shows something else, you can relax, the track is monitored by an WAI-certified track meter. See more about the course and its many different stations on our interactive Google Maps map.

Google map