Travel with the Runners´train to Göteborgsvarvet

From Stockholm to Gothenburg

If you live in Stockholm, Katrineholm or Skövde you can travel both sustainably and comfortably with the festive runners´ train to Gothenburg on May 13th and back home after the race.

The atmosphere on board is lovely and exciting with only runners and supporting friends/family on the train. You will receive your number bib on board. As a thank you for traveling sustainably, those who travel with the Runners´ train receive starting group 8 (or earlier with their own seeding-forming result). After Gothenburg´s 21 km, we offer shower facilities in connection with the finish area before the train travels back towards Katrineholm/Stockholm.

As a runner, you can buy several tickets for family/friends who want to come along and cheer. Please note that those of you who are going to run Göteborgsvarvet need to book the Runners´train via your registration/My Pages so that we can print your number bib and deliver it on the train.

  • Times: Timetable for the Runners´ train

    Date: 13 May 2023

    Departure - Train number 423

    Departure Stockholm 8.34
    Departure Katrineholm 9.26
    Departure Skövde 10.30
    Arrival Gothenburg 11.40

    Home journey - Train number 446

    Departure Gothenburg 18.24
    Arrival Skövde 19.24
    Arrival Katrineholm 20.23
    Arrival Stockholm 21.31

    The seats are optional in carriages 3-7.

    *The train times are preliminary, small adjustments may take place. Any changes will be notified via email to you who booked the Runners´ train.

  • Travel smoothly: Advantages of the Runners´ train

    • Sustainable travel.
    • Your number bib is handed out on the train.
    • Rest on the trip or get started with like-minded people.
    • You are automatically seeded to starting group 8 (or better with your own seeding result).
    • Shower facilities in connection to the finish area.
    • Optional seat in carriage 3-7.
    • Book more train tickets with the Runners´ train for supporting friends/family.
  • Train booking only: Book the Runner´s train - already registered at Göteborgsvarvet

    Follow the steps below to add the Runners´ train to your registration:

    1. Log in to My pages
    2. Click on "Show all registrations"
    3. Click on "Göteborgsvarvet 2023"
    4. Click on "Buy addons"
    5. Select “Runners´ train” and enter where you want to go from.
    6. Select the number of tickets you want to book.
    7. Proceed to the payment step and fill in the requested information.
    8. Done. Your confirmation of your Runners´ train booking is your train ticket (as well as the train tickets of your fellow travelers if you bought more).

    To My Page

  • All in one: Register at Göteborgsvarvet + Book the Runners´ train

    Follow the steps below to register at Göteborgsvarvet and at the same time book the Runners´ train:

    1. Sign up for Göteborgsvarvet 2023.
    2. On the page “Alright! Which options are you interested in?" Tick Runners´ train and choose your departure point.
    3. Select the number of tickets you want to book.
    4. Complete your registration and pay.
    5. Done. Your confirmation of Runners' train booking is your train ticket (as well as the train tickets of your fellow travelers if you bought more).

    To Registration

Important information

  • Price for the Runners´ train

    Stockholm C:
    SEK 995
    until 28/2
    SEK 1095
    from 1/3

    Katrineholm C:
    SEK 895
    until 28/2
    SEK 995
    from 1/3

    Skövde C:
    SEK 695
    from 1/3

  • Number bib on board

    The number bib is provided on board the Runners´ train. Please note that you as a runner need to make your own reservation for the Runners´ train via your registration/My pages, so that we can deliver your number bib on the train.

    Booking is open until May 8 or as soon as the train is fully booked.

  • Starting group

    As a thank you for traveling sustainably with the Runners´ train, you are seeded to starting group 8 (or earlier with your own seeding-based result).

  • Service

    Travel smoothly to Göteborgsvarvet and back home the same day on 13th May. After the finish line, Runners´ train passengers have access to a shower adjacent connected to the finish area.

  • What conditions apply?

    The journey with Runners´ train cannot be canceled and does not give SJ Prio points as it is not part of SJ's regular train range.
    In the event of a delay, we and SJ will do everything we can so that everyone gets to their starting group in the Göteborgsvarvet and complaints are handled according to SJ's regular conditions for special trains.

  • Bistro

    There is a bistro on board the Runners´ train with simple snacks and drinks.

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