Please observe that Specialvarvet 2021 is canceled. Date for 2022 will shortly be announced here.

Specialvarvet is the competition for runners with intellectual functional variations. There are two courses to choose from, 4,1 kilometers and 2,2 kilometers. Everyone, regardless of age, can put on their shoes and take part.

  • Specialvarvet: I want to make a group registration for Specialvarvet

    To make a group registration for Specialvarvet, you need to send an email info@goteborgsvarvet.se. We will return to you with more information how to register a larger group.

Specialvarvet:Our very special race

Specialvarvet has become the big highlight of the year for many children, adolescents and adults with intellectual functional variations. The atmosphere is magical with laughing and smiling people filling Slottsskogen. When the warm-up begin, the party really starts. Warming dance, singing and clapping. When the starting shot sounds, the participant walks, runs or rolls according to their own ability and condition, often with their assistant. The highlight for many is to experience the powerful finish at the enchanting Slottsskogsvallen. Together we create memories for life.

Course map:Two exciting courses

Specialvarvet starts close to Björngårdsvillan in Slottsskogen. You can choose between two courses. The red course is 4,1 kilometers long and the blue course is 2,2 kilometers. Observe that on the red, long, course there is a steep hill after about 2 kilometers.

Starting groups:
Class, course and start time

  • Men Red course (4,1 km): 11.00 am
  • Women Red course (4,1 km): 11.00 am
  • Men Blue course (Blue race bib, 2,2 km): 11.30 am
  • Women Blue course (Blue race bib, 2,2 km): 11.30 am
  • Men Blue course (White race bib, 2,2 km): 11.45 am
  • Women Blue course (White race bib, 2,2km) 11.45 am

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