Lilla Varvet

The race for runners between 7 and 13 years. There’s a very special feeling in wearing a race bib, getting ready on the starting line and running through a cheering crowd. Around 6000 kids run Lilla Varvet every year. Bring your whole family and join in on fun activities and the great atmosphere in Slottsskogen Park.


Lilla Varvet:We activate the generation of the future

With Lilla Varvet we want to encourage and inspire children and young people to start moving and live an active life from a young age. Each year, over 6,000 children participate, which means that Lilla Varvet is Sweden's by far the largest running event for children and young people. Running is fun in itself, but to boost the wonderful feeling a little extra, we, along with our partners, offer lots of fun and exciting activities.

Get ready for fun:Family area

A warm welcome to Göteborgsvarvet’s family area on 18 - 19 May. Here it is packed with fun, running joy, activities and entertainment for the whole family. Yes, you hear. There is a lot of everything here. Not only that, you get to meet someone who has longed to meet you. Our very own running troll Varva, who will make sure you have a memorable day and cheer you on all the way to the finish line.

Read more about our family area

Course map:Welcome to our great family day

Lilla Varvet has two courses. If you 2024 are 7-10 years (born 2014-2017) the course is 1,3 kilometers (the blue line) and if you are 11-13 years (born 2011-2013) the course is 2,4 kilometers (the red line).

Both courses start at the same location, below Bragebacken on Margretebergsgatan. The start as well as the rest of the course is mostly on asphalt. Both courses pass through Slottskogen with many music stations and cheering crowd. On the longer course there is a water station.

The first group starts at 11:00 am and the last around 1 pm. Preliminarily there are two start groups per year of birth, the exact start group is informed in the start certificate which is sent out via email about 2 weeks before the start.

The finish is at the classic Slottsskogsvallen, just like Göteborgsvarvet 21k.

School or sports association:Make a group registration

If you are a school or sports association and want to make a group registration to Lilla Varvet, send an email to, and we will get back to you with more information on how to register a larger group. You will then be able to administer the group on your own and add participants in a smooth way.

Group registration will open later on.

Start and finish area:Find your way

In Lilla varvet there are several different start groups for different ages and courses where girls and boys start together. The first group starts at 11:00 and the last at 1:10 p.m. Preliminarily there are two start times per year of birth, the exact start group is informed in the start certificate which is sent out via email about 1 week before the start.

Our tip is that you are out in good time to avoid stressing about the starting line. Follow the officials' instructions in the area.

Map will be updated for 2024

Race Info:Good to know before the race

  • Start & Event Area

    The start is on Margretebergsgatan and the finish line is in Slottsskogsvallen. Det first start is at 11:00. In the start and finish areas you will find fun activities for children and youth.

  • Changing Clothes, Bag Storage & Toilets

    We recommend that you get changed before arriving as showers/dressing rooms are not provided. The organizer does not offer bag storage. Toilets are available in the start and finish areas.

  • Start Certificate, Number Tag & Tag Distribution

    Start Certificate, Number Tag & Tag DistributionYou can download your Start Certificate on My Pages a week before the race. The Start Certificate will also be sent to the e-mail address provided when registering. In the Start Certificate you will find all the information you need ahead of the event. Your number tag must be collected Thursday-Sunday at Göteborgsvarvet Expo in Friidrottens Hus. Be on time and don’t forget your Start Certificate!

  • Timekeeping

    There’s a chip on the back of the number tag which will register your time. In Lilla Varvet the net time is measured in all classes except P/F 13 where the gross time is used. With net time the time starts when you cross the start line, and with gross time the time starts when the race begins. In both cases the time stops when you cross the finish line. The number tag must not be folded and must be positioned on the stomach/chest. All participants who complete the race will get a time.

  • Warmup

    Group warm up exercises are available at the start and will be led by instructors from STC.

  • Medal

    Everyone who completes Lilla Varvet will receive a medal.

  • Meeting Point & Parent Phone Number

    We recommend that you meet your child at the finish line or that you agree on another meeting point in advance. A good tip is to write the parent’s name and phone number on the back of the number tag or directly on the child’s arm. We also have a meeting point for adults and children who have gotten separated, more information will be provided with the Start Certificate.

  • Getting Here & Parking

    Use public transport when possible. The nearest stops are Linnéplatsen and Marklandsgatan. Note that the stop Botaniska Trädgården isn’t suitable for baby trolleys. Find your route on the Västtrafik ToGo app or on Parking is available for an environmental fee of 100 kr, at Dalens Grusplaner by Slottsskogsvallen on Sunday (Swish).

  • Certificate

    Everyone who completes Lilla Varvet will receive a digital certificate. This can be downloaded from “My Pages”.

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