Lilla Varvet

The race for runners between 7 and 13 years. There’s a very special feeling in wearing a race bib, getting ready on the starting line and running through a cheering crowd. Around 6,500 kids run Lilla Varvet on May 17th. Bring your whole family and join in on fun activities and the great atmosphere in Slottsskogen Park.


Lilla Varvet:We activate the generation of the future

With Lilla Varvet we want to encourage and inspire children and young people to start moving and live an active life from a young age. Each year, over 6,000 children participate, which means that Lilla Varvet is Sweden's by far the largest running event for children and young people. Running is fun in itself, but to boost the wonderful feeling a little extra, we, along with our partners, offer lots of fun and exciting activities.

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Course map:Welcome to our great family day

Lilla Varvet has two courses. If you are 7-10 years run 1,3 kilometers (the green line) and if you are 11-13 years run 2,4 kilometers (the blue line).

Both courses start at the same location, below Bragebacken on Margretebergsgatan. The start as well as the rest of the course you mostly run on asphalt. Both courses pass through Slottskogen. On the longer course there is water station, where it is smart to take a drink!

The finish is inside the classic Slottsskogsvallen, just like Göteborgsvarvet.

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Starting groups:When is it your turn to start?

In Lilla Varvet there are several different start groups for different ages and courses where girls and boys start together. First group starts at 11:00 am and last at 15:10 pm. Our advice is that you are out in time to avoid stress before start. Follow the volunteers instructions in the start area.

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