Göte­borgsvarvet’s Fam­i­ly Area

Plan for a joy­ful day full of speed and fun in our fam­i­ly area! Here the chil­dren run the Lil­la Varvet and the mini-sprint­ers the Mini­varvet and Mini­varvet Trail. In addi­tion to joy for all the lit­tle ones, we have activ­i­ties and enter­tain­ment, and of course there is deli­cious food in the area. You will find the fam­i­ly area between Björngårdsvil­lan and Vil­la Bel­parc.

And you! Once there, you will meet some­one who longed to meet all the chil­dren and adults for the very first time: our very own run­ning troll Var­va! Var­va will per­form on stage and of course cheer on the chil­dren who will run our races. And maybe Var­va also runs a lap or so, because a run­ning troll does­n’t like to stand still.

The fam­i­ly area is open:
18 – 19 May 2024

Warm wel­come!

Family Area:Activities

In our area for the whole family you will find plenty of activities. Here you can climb, play, eat tasty food or why not dance away with Varva. But above all have a really fun day!

  • Stageprogram
  • Craft
  • Dance
  • Food trucks
  • Picnic area
  • Lilla Varvet
  • Minivarvet/
  • Minivarvet Trail


Now the favorite from children's TV, Sara Edwardsson, is coming to the Göteborgsvarvet's family area and is our new mascot's best friend. Sara will help with warm-up and singing for Minivarvet's participants. The whole family, yes the whole of Gothenburg, is of course welcome to dance along!

Stage program for Varvet weekend May 18-19:

  • 11:00 am - 11:30 pm
  • 1 pm - 1:30 pm
  • 3 pm - 3:30 pm

Entertainment information will be updated during the spring.

The running troll Varva

Hello all trolls, snails, trees, moose and people! I am Varva, Göteborgsvarvet's running troll. I love to jump and dance. And most of all run, of course! It makes me strong, both in my legs and in my head. And you know what, you can run exactly how you want! Backwards, forwards or like a snail. I also like hugs very much. I hope to see you in the family area so we can have a lovely day together.

Varva song
Listen to my pop song that will make you dance and sing along!

Listen now!

"I like to run, because it's like all the thoughts are shaken into the right place in my troll brain":Get to know Varva

  • What does Varva like to do besides running?

    Play the drum, climb trees, go on an excursion, relax in soft moss.

  • What does Varva like to eat?

    Cones in all shapes! Fried, mashed, boiled and grilled. Another favorite food is all kinds of lunch bags, Varva thinks picnic food is the best food, whatever it is you bring with you.

  • Why is Varva blue?

    There is a machine that goes around Gothenburg before the Göteborgsvarvet and paints a blue line on the streets. It is said that Varva ended up right in front of it when Varva was just a troll baby. And since that day, Varva is completely blue.

  • Where does Varva live?

    Varva lives in a mossy cave deep in the Slottsskogen in Gothenburg and moves so quickly through the forest that no one has time to see. But the troll always appears when it's time for the Göteborgsvarvet. Because then it's a party atmosphere and it's bursting with energy. Varva wants to meet all the happy, energetic children who are running on their lucky legs towards the finish line!

  • May 18-19: Minivarvet

    The race for our very little ones, children 0–6 years. The Minivarvet bursts with joy, laughter and happy energy. Here, our kids get to choose how many laps they want to take on. Some are satisfied with one while other mini sprinters want to run lap after lap. Who knows, maybe they are training for the Göteborgsvarvet in 2040. An experience filled with fun that the children won't soon forget.
    Minivarvet has expanded with Minivarvet Trail. Of course, both races are included in the registration. Run as many times as your legs can carry.

    Read more about Minivarvet

    Download your Minivarvet certificate here

  • May 19: Lilla Varvet

    The family area is a perfect audience place to watch the Lilla Varvet, around the area there is full speed with the children running the race. Lilla Varvet is for children between 7 and 13 years of age who want to be part of a day that is about community and above all the fun of moving. The race for children and young people who want to run together with their peers, have a memorable day with the family and experience the joy of running.

    Read more about Lilla Varvet

    Download your Lilla Varvet certificate here