Run your fastest 10K race and take the chance to advance to a better starting group at Göteborgsvarvet!

Varvetmilen 2021 will be replaced by virtual seeding races. The virtual Varvetmilen will be organised at four occasion starting the 29th of May to give all the runners an alternative to get seeded for Göteborgsvarvet (21K) which will be held the 11th of September 2021. The races are arranged together with RaceOne.

Price: 95 SEK
29 May, 5 June, 12 June, 19 June
Start time: Whenever you want between 10 AM and 4 PM the actual day

If you have signed up for Varvetmilen at an earlier stage you will receive information about your starting position.

  • STEP #1: Registration

    REGISTER to Virtuella Varvetmilen.

  • STEP #2: Create an account at RaceONE and log in

    Download the RaceONE-app from Appstore or Google.

    Register an account either by adding your email address and a password, or by using one of the other login alternatives that is available:
    Facebook, Apple or Google.

  • STEP #3: Navigate on the home screen

    At the home screen you can search for races, go and start a race, drop by the FAQ/support or go to your profile where you can find the settings

  • STEP #4: Register your participation in Virtuella Varvetmilen in the RaceONE-app

    Search for "Virtuella Varvetmilen" and click "I'm a participant"

    You are now asked to fill in one or more of the following:

    STARTNUMBER - Submit your start number that you received in your registration email.

    RACE CODE - This is a password that was given in your registration email and it confirms that you signed up to participate in the race.

    TEAM - This is optional, gives you a chance to race for a specific club or team.

  • STEP #5: Time to Race!

    When you are ready for the race go to the starting line via the home screen, or alternative via "TO START" from the race page in the RaceONE app.

    Wait for a clear GPS signal (all four GPS stacks should be filled). Make sure that you run outdoors. It is not possible to participate in the Virtual Varvetmilen on a treadmill.

    Settings for start: You reach this setting by clicking on STARTA – MANUAL.

    Settings for goal: You reach this setting by clicking on GOAL – DISTANCE. Here you choose if you want to finish the race manually or if you want to stop the distance at 10K. We recommend that you choose automatic goal passage to make it extra smooth and to minimize the risk of handling error.

    Click on START IMMEDIATE. The starting signal goes off and you can run your race. Your first 10K counts in the competition. After you have finished the distance, click on STOP and then on GOAL PASSAGE in the RaceONE app. If you have chosen automatic goal passage you don’t need tp click on the stop button, as soon as you have finished the race stops in the RaceONE app.

    We recommend you to perform the "Virtuella Varvetmilen" directly in the RaceONE app.

    RaceONE is integrated tO Garmin Connect. If you are using another GPS watch you have to upload a GPX file. The RaceONE app uploads the information provided by the the Garmin Connect/GPX file. The whole file, times and distance will be automatically updated so we recommend you to run exactly 10K for the correct distance and result in the competition.

    More specific information on how to register results with Garmin Connect/GPX-fil.

  • MORE INFO & CONTACTS: Got some questions?

    You will find answers on standard questions HERE.
    More info about Phone Settings.

    Who can i contact?

    For questions regarding: Race Code, Start Number, Seeding results and Registration - Please contact Göteborgsvarvet at

    For questions regarding: Technical problems, feedback about the app, Log-in - Please contact RaceONE at

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