Run your fastest 10K race and take the chance to advance to a better starting group at Göteborgsvarvet!

Varvetmilen is arranged in several different locations during several dates, this to give as many runners as possible the chance to get ready for Göteborgsvarvet 2022.


Where in Sweden do we meet?:Varvetmilen tour 2022

Varvetmilen gives a great chance to make a good result on 10k, all races are fast and flat. Regardless of where in the Sweden you choose to run Varvetmilen, the result is approved for seeding for Göteborgsvarvet 2022. Take the chance to start in a better start group on May 21 when it's finally time for 21 km throughout the streets of Gothenburg again!

  • What start group?: Seeding system

    Like most major marathons around the world, we uses a seeding system to stagger the start. The fastest runners start in the front and the slower runners at the back. The start lasts for three hours, where each start group starts every few minutes. Which group a runner is placed in is determined by earlier qualifying results.

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