Varvet week

Did you know that we arrange a wide variety of races during the week of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon? In addition to our half marathon, there are three different races for kids, a relay race for five participants, a trail race, and a race for runners with special needs.

  • A real challenge from start to finish!: Trailvarvet

    Trailvarvet is 11,5 km of varied and hilly terrain – a real challenge from start to finish.

  • The ultimate team race: Stafettvarvet

    Our relay race Stafettvarvet is a fun challenge for friends, colleagues, or family members. There are five runners in each team, running 3,7 kilometer each, in the popular Slottsskogen park.

  • Our very special race: Specialvarvet

    Specialvarvet is our race for runners with intellectual disabilities. The race is open for all ages and you can choose between a short or a long course – either 2,2 km or 4,1 km.

  • The best of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon!: Cityvarvet

    This is the race for anyone who wants to experience the best part of Göteborgsvarvet and get a feel for Gothenburgs city puls! Cityvarvet starts at Götaplatsen at the exact same time as the start of the worlds largest half marathon, Göteborgsvarvet, takes place. The participants in this race run 4,3 kilometers – the last part of the main race course.

  • For all kids who love to run!: Minivarvet

    It’s impossible not to feel the joy and excitement when our youngest participants run the 250 meter long course in Slottsskogen Park. Last year, almost 8,000 kids from ages 0-6 participated.

  • Sweden's largest running event for children between 7 and 13 years: Lilla Varvet

    The race for runners between 7 and 13 years. There’s a very special feeling in wearing a race bib, getting ready on the starting line and running through a cheering crowd. Around 6,500 kids run Lilla Varvet on May 22. Bring your whole family and join in on fun activities and the great atmosphere in Slottsskogen Park.