Experience Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a lovely city so make sure to experience the city and make the most of your time while you're here to run Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon.

See and do:What to see and do in Gothenburg

The month of May is a lovely time to visit Gothenburg. The days are long, flowers are in full bloom, and the Swedish people are out and about. Experience the best of Gothenburg - with the charm of a small town and the opportunities of a big city.

Experience Gothenburg

  • Eat and drink: Restaurants

    Experience Swedish west coast cuisine at Gothenburg’s best restaurants. First-class seafood and classic meatballs are waiting for you!

    Eat and drink

  • Events and exhibitions: Find your event

    Gothenburg always offers daily events, such as concerts, exhibitions, and children activities. Take a look and find an event that suits you!

    Find events

  • Sightseeing and shopping: See the city

    Believe it or not – there’s more to Gothenburg than just the race! Don’t miss sightseeing and shopping in Sweden’s second largest city.

    Sightseeing Shopping