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Don´t miss out the world´s biggest half Marathon when we are back May 18 2024! The course, which stretches through a pulsating Gothenburg, passes everything from bridges, quays, parks to Gothenburg's parade street.

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  • Registration is open for 2024: Göteborgsvarvet 2024

    Göteborgsvarvet, the larges half marathon in the world with a race course throughout the streets of Gothenburg, registration is open for next year! Welcome

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  • Give away 21km!: Gift Card

    Give away an experience, a challenge, and a big dose of health. It is now possible to buy gift cards as a Christmas present for Göteborgsvarvet 2024. You can choose a physical gift card that will be sent home or a digital gift card with Christmas theme.

    Giftcard Göteborgsvarvet 2024

So much more than just one race:Varvet week 2024

Did you know that we arrange a wide variety of races during the week of Göteborgsvarvet 21K? In addition to our half marathon, there are two different races for kids, a shorter version of Göteborgsvarvet, a relay race for four participants, a trail race, and a race for runners with special needs.


Trailvarvet/Trailvarvet WALK

11,5 kilometers with varied and hilly terrain, the course stretches through Änggårdsbergen. Those who prefer to walk can register to Trailvarvet Walk - a distance of 8 km.



A relay race for four runners through the beautiful Slottsskogen.



Specialvarvet is the competition for runners with functional variations. 3,3 kilometers or 2,1 kilometers course.


Göteborgsvarvet 21k

The world's largest half marathon. Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon is our classic 21k race held every year



The race for anyone who wants to experience the best part of Göteborgsvarvet. A 4,3 km long race at the end of Göteborgsvarvets course

18-19 MAY


250 meters of pure joy as the youngest, 0-6 year olds, run Minivarvet in Slottsskogen. Welcome to a fun day!


Lilla Varvet

The race for young runners between 7 and 13 years. Sweden's largest running event for children and young people

16-18 MAY

Göteborgsvarvet Expo

Our sport fair full of inspiration and everything you could possibly need before the start

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  • Göteborgsvarvet is arranged for the benefit of the athletics activities

    Göteborgsvarvet is organized by Gothenburg Athletic Association which supports track and field activities in the region. More than 50 track and field clubs and about 4,000 volunteers are involved in the event. The surplus goes directly back to the sports movement to be invested in the associations' youth activities and the operation of the Friidrottens Hus training facility.

Main partners