Our relay race Stafettvarvet is a fun challenge for friends, colleagues, or family members. There are five runners in each team, running 4,2 kilometer each, in the popular Slottsskogen park.

Registration for 2023 opens during the summer 2022.

  • Results

    Find your result from Stafettvarvet May 18th here.


Stafettvarvet:Do something fun and healthy together!

Stafettvarvet has grown bigger and more popular year after year to become a real success. Companies gather colleagues and customers to mingle and run together. Friends challenge each other and families form teams together. The tent village is also a popular element and many companies choose to gather around their tent for pep rally before the race and to enjoy a well deserved after run with the team after the race.

Course map:4,2 fast kilometers around beautiful Slottsskogen

Stafettvarvet´s course is 4,2 kilometers long and all participants in the team run the same track. Start, finish and baton change take place inside Slottsskogsvallen. The course runs through the beautiful Slottsskogen before it turns back into our new entrance park before Slottsskogsvallen, this is where your teammates by the tent village will cheer and scream to make you last all the way across the finish line.

Race info:Good to know before the start

  • Start & Event Area

    NEW 2022! The start and finish line are in Slottsskogsvallen. The race begins at 18:00. In the event area, as well as throughout the track, entertainment of various sort is available.

  • Food Package

    One picnic bag per team is included when registering for the relay race Stafettvarvet. The bag is picked up when the number tags and baton are distributed before the start of the race, between 16:00 and 18:00. Food is also sold in the event area.

  • The Team

    Gather a group of at least 5 people and sign up for one of these events: women’s, men’s or mixed (where at least one participant is of the opposite sex). Each team member will run 4.2km and timekeeping is individual as well as combined for the whole team. We recommend that all participants are at least 15 years of age. If someone from the team falls ill one team member may run two sections. The main thing is that the team will run all five sections.

  • Start Certificate, Number Tag & Tag Distribution

    All registered participants of Stafettvarvet can download their Start Certificate on My Pages a week before the race. The Start Certificate will also be sent to the e-mail address provided when registering. In the Start Certificate you will find all the information you need ahead of the event. News and other good-to-know information can be found here on the website. You can collect your number tag at the start area between 16:00 and 18:00. Be there well in advance and don’t forget your Start Certificate!

  • Getting Here & Parking

    Use public transport if possible. The nearest stops are Botaniska Trädgården, Marklandsgatan and Linnéplatsen. Use the app Västtrafik ToGo or visit to find your route. Parking is available for an environmental fee of 100 kr, at Dalens Grusplaner near Slottsskogsvallen (Swish or cash payment).

  • Changing Clothes, Bag Storage & Toilets

    We recommend that you change before you get here as showers/changing rooms are not provided. The organizer does not offer bag storage. Toilets are available in the start & finish area and at our Entrance Park.

  • Warmup

    Group warmup exercises are available at the start and will be led by instructors from STC.

  • NEW! Massage

    Our partner Flexmassage is available in Slottsskogsvallen to offer the relay runners of Stafettvarvet a well-earned massage after completing the race.

  • Start Groups

    The first start group will take off at 18:00, then additional groups will follow one minute apart. It’s important to start in the correct group. Runners who start in the wrong group are disqualified. You are not allowed to change start group. You get to the start line from the front of the start area. The first runner should be in the start area 20 minutes before start. Each team member will run one lap around the track and then change with the next runner inside the exchange area. The final runner will cross the finish line.

  • Timekeeping & Baton

    Timekeeping begins when the first runner crosses the start line.There’s a chip inside the baton and the time stops when the last runner crosses the finish line. The baton changes hands according to instructions. Times are measured both per team member/lap and total for the whole team. Remember to be careful during the exchange. Keep the baton at hip height when passing the timekeeping mat, to ensure correct timekeeping! It’s important that the team starts in the correct start group according to the Start Certificate.

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