Run for a good cause with Göteborgsvarvet

We reserve a certain number of entries every year for charity purposes. This means that half of the entry fee goes directly to the charity organization of your choice – and that you run for an even better cause.

Göteborgsvarvet has co-operated with charity organizations since 2011. These entries were completely sold out in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 – which means that a total of 9 million SEK has been donated to charity.

This is how it works

A number of entries are reserved for charity. The entry fee is 1200 SEK, where 600 SEK of the fee goes to the organization of your choice that you choose when you register. A t-shirt from your chosen organization is included in the entry fee. The charity of choice will be displayed in your start and finish results (You cannot represent your own club or company.) Your start group will be no higher than 12 .


Ågrenska – en av Göteborgsvarvets välgörenhetspartners
Support a child at Ågrenska.

Ågrenska provides help for children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities, as well as for their families and professionals supporting the family. Striving to be a modern and creative meeting place offering both neccessities and knowledge. Ågrenska’s aim is to help children and teenagers to cope with everyday life and to support them as they strive towards an independent life.

Ågrenska’s web page


Ung Cancer

Ung Cancer
Run and make a difference!

Ung Cancer is a non-profit association that supports young adults, 16-30 years old, that are diagnosed with or have family/friends that have been diagnosed with cancer.

With your help Ung Cancer can create more meeting places for their members. By supporting Ung Cancer you will be giving them the possibiltiy to organize more rehab camps and to develop successful mentor programs.

Ung Cancer helps young adults that are diagnosed with cancer to get the support and treatment they need!

Ung Cancer’s web page



Stadsmissionen – en av GöteborgsVarvets välgörenhetspartners
You can also make a difference. In the long run.

If you choose to support Stadsmissionen you will be helping and supporting a person in need. It could be anything from a hot meal to a bed for the night or warm memories of summer’s past. Running for Stadsmissionen means that you’ll help children with complex backgrounds to be able to go to Stadsmissionen’s summer camp – a safe and fun place far away from their worries and troubles.

Stadsmissionen’s web page