How to get to the start

Feel free to use muscle power, not engine power to and from Göteborgsvarvet!

Gothenburg Half Marathon:A car free day

It's finally time again, the Gothenburg Half Marathon will once again fill the streets of Gothenburg with runners and spectators. This year too, there will be significant traffic impact due to several extensive construction projects in our growing city.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to leave your car during the Gothenburg Half Marathon and instead use alternative modes of transportation on May 18th. Together, we can make it easier for each other and for emergency services personnel who may need to navigate through the city.

Below, you'll find information on how to get to the Gothenburg Half Marathon by bus, bike, or on foot. If you still need to use your car, there's also information about parking areas outside the city with connecting public transport/shuttle buses.

Remember to allow plenty of time regardless of how you choose to get to the Gothenburg Half Marathon.

Getting to and from Göteborgsvarvet Expo:How to pick up your race bib

Address: You pick up your race bib at Friidrottens Hus, close to the start at Slottsskogsvallen.

We recommend that everyone who has the opportunity pick up their race bib on Thursday, May 16th, or Friday, May 17th.

The best way to get to the Gothenburg Half Marathon Expo is by public transport, cycling, or walking. Detailed information follows below.

The area around the Gothenburg Half Marathon Expo will be heavily restricted for car traffic as a large number of people are expected during these days. Unfortunately, there are no parking options directly adjacent to Friidrottens Hus.

Göteborgsvarvet Opening Hours:

  • Thursday, May 16th: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday, May 17th: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday, May 18th: 08:00 AM – 4:00 PM

You can find the full schedule and exhibitors for the Gothenburg Half Marathon Expo here.

  • Sunday, May 19th: 09:00 AM – 1:00 PM (only race bib collection for Lilla Varvet is open on Sunday)

Travel guides:By public transportation

Public transportation will have altered routes on Saturday and will be reinforced both before and after the Gothenburg Half Marathon. Information about public transportation on May 18th can be found on Västtrafik's website. Plan your journey using Västtrafik's "To Go" app or the journey planner, which helps you plan your route for cycling and walking as well. The app also provides information about which buses/trams are accessible. You can find Västtrafik's various ticket options here.

Nearest stops:

The closest stop to the Start at Margretebergsgatan is Marklandsgatan, alternatively Linnéplatsen. Major stops connecting to Marklandsgatan include Korsvägen, Drottningtorget, and Järntorget.

Travel guide:By bike

  • Styr & Ställ - Easy and affordable bike rental across the city

Styr & Ställ are the city's rental bikes available at various locations throughout central Gothenburg. To borrow a Styr & Ställ bike, you need to register and purchase a ticket. You can easily do this through the Nextbike app or on the Styr & Ställ website. More information on how to use Styr & Ställ can be found here.

Please note that the Styr & Ställ stations at Slottsskogsgatan and Dalens idrottsplan will be closed during the Gothenburg Half Marathon. Updated information about closed and potentially full stations is available in the Nextbike app.

Download the app on the App Store

Download the app on Google Play

  • With your own bike helps you plan your bike trip, providing information about bike paths, bike parking, pumps, and also about Styr & Ställ. Remember to walk your bike in crowded areas.

Travel guide:By Shuttlebus

Commuter parking is available at Åby Arena. Search for parking in the Parkster app. From here, our partner Bergkvara Buss operates shuttle buses on May 18th to the starting area, with the first departure at 8:00 AM. The buses are free and marked with Gothenburg Half Marathon signage. The route goes via Högsbo Industrial Area and stops at the following locations: Jolengatan, Otto Elanders gata, A Odhners Gata, Olof Asklunds gata, JA Wettergrens gata.

Parking spaces in Högsbo Industrial Area are available but limited. From there, you can walk for about 15-35 minutes or take the shuttle bus from the mentioned stops.

You pay for parking according to regular parking regulations, e.g., via the Parkster app or at any available parking meter.

The last departure from the finish area back to Åby, via Högsbo Industrial Area, is at 7:30 PM. The buses stop/depart from a temporary bus stop near Margretebergsmotet/Botaniska. All shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible.

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Travel guide:By Car

If you still choose to drive, it's important to stay updated on traffic diversions, closures, and available parking options. Expect longer travel times than usual.

Search for parking in the Parksters app.

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For current traffic information in Gothenburg, visit and

A map of traffic diversions/alternative routes below, and in larger format here.

Map of traffic diversions/alternative routes on Göteborgsvarvet race day, see times below.

Traffic diversions around the Gothenburg Half Marathon route:

Participants of the Gothenburg Half Marathon will start on Margretebergsgatan, which will be closed to traffic from Friday, May 17th at 10:00 AM until Sunday, May 19th at 11:00 PM.

Slottsskogsgatan between Högsboleden and Skytteskogsgatan will be closed on May 18th from 7:00 AM to 7:15 PM.

To avoid traffic congestion, we recommend using the pedestrian and cycling path on the eastern side of Dag Hammarskjöldsleden – Änggården – Per Dubbsgatan and vice versa.

The route passes through the city center and on both sides of the river. Adjacent streets along the route will be closed in stages between 12:00 PM and 7:15 PM. If you have parked within or along the route, you may experience difficulties leaving at the expected time.

Plan your errands and activities according to the current traffic situation on this day!

The Älvsborg Bridge will have limited accessibility throughout the day. Cyclists and pedestrians are directed to the western side of the bridge.

Östra Sannegården will be closed from 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

If you live in the area and need to use your car, plan your errands and activities accordingly by parking your car outside the closure.

Hisingsbron: Cyclists and pedestrians are directed to the eastern side of the bridge from 12:30 PM to 6:15 PM. It's best to choose the eastern side starting from Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen.

The Central Station area will have heavily restricted access for all traffic types. If you don't have a destination within the marked area, it's advisable to avoid driving here to avoid long queues.

Norra Sjöfarten and Operagatan will be closed to traffic from 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

You can access the Nordstan parking garage via Nils Ericsonsgatan from Åkareplatsen.

During the race, there will be no possibility to cross the route in the city center. You can use pedestrian crossings along Östra Hamngatan, Kungsportsplatsen, Kungsportsavenyn, and Vasagatan.

Övre Husargatan will be closed from approximately 12:30 PM from Linnéplatsen towards Vasagatan. All traffic will be diverted via Linnégatan during this time. Residents in Haga can access the area from Järntorget - exit via Husargatan. Cyclists and pedestrians should choose the western side of Övre Husargatan between Skanstorget and Linnéplatsen.

Traffic will be affected for all commuters on this day, so expect longer walks and travel routes! Plan ahead!

Approximately 200,000 spectators are expected to follow the race, and mobility along the route will be severely restricted. If possible, leave your car at home!

  • Parking during the Gothenburg Half Marathon:

To facilitate the runners' mobility, the starting area will be closed from 7:00 AM, so avoid driving to the starting area. Margeretebergsgatan will be closed to traffic from Friday, May 17th at 10:00 AM until Sunday, May 19th at 11:00 PM.

If you must drive, please use parking facilities in the Järntorget area, Gårda, Heden, or parking garages in the city center, and take public transportation from there, or choose to park around Åby and take the shuttle bus to the start/finish area.

Search for parking in the Parksters app.

It is forbidden to park along the route, on the lanes, and on pedestrian and cycling paths. You must also not block residents' entrances and exits.

Q & A

  • Can you bike through Slottsskogen or around the start area?

    In the event area where there are many people, you must walk your bike. We recommend cycling on the eastern side of Dag Hammarskjöldsleden, Änggården, and Per Dubbsgatan.

  • Can I ride an electric scooter through Slottsskogen?

    No, the entire area is closed to electric scooter transportation. On May 18th, there is a parking ban and a driving ban in Slottsskogen between 07:00-23:30.

  • Will some of the Styr & Ställ terminals be closed or are there risks that they will be full?

    The stations at Slottskogsgatan and Dalens idrottsplan will be closed on May 18th. The stations at Linnéplatsen and Botaniska may become full; updated information about closed and potentially full stations is available in the Nextbike app.

  • Can you park next to the start and finish area?

    No, the area will be closed to traffic from 07:00 to 19:30. Margeretebergsgatan will be closed to through traffic from Friday, May 17th at 10:00 until Sunday, May 19th at 23:00. See the map with traffic directions and parking spaces near public transportation/shuttle buses. Search for parking in Gothenburg in the Parksters app.