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Map of Göteborgsvarvet Marathon

The course is 42,195 meters long – a substantial challenge to look forward to!
The course is control-measured by a World Athletics-certified course measurer.

The Göteborgsvarvet Marathon course passes through many of Gothenburg's finest locations. It starts in Slottsskogen and finishes at Slottsskogsvallen. The course takes two different loops around the city, featuring parts of the classic Göteborgsvarvet route as well as new sections. It offers charming and vibrant neighborhoods, bridges with fantastic views of Gothenburg's harbor entrance and archipelago, and a festive atmosphere like no other!

Map of Göteborgsvarvet Marathon in Google Maps

Refill along the course:Energy

In addition to water and sports drinks, other energy sources will also be provided along the route, such as pickles, bananas, salt, and something sweet.

3.5 km - Götaplatsen - Water
8.5 km - Lundby Hamngata - Water, sports drink, banana
11.7 km - Västra Sannegårdskajen - Water, chocolate ball
13.5 km - Monsungatan - Water, sports drink
16.1 km - Ostindiegatan - Water, sports drink
19.3 km - Slottsskogen - Water, pickle
23.1 km - Ostindiegatan - Water, sports drink, soda (cola)
25.8 km - Fiskhamnen - Water, salty licorice fish
28.3 km - Stenpiren - Water, sports drink, salt
31.8 km - Lundby Hamngata - Water, sports drink, banana
35 km - Västra Sannegårdskajen - Water, chocolate ball
36.8 km - Monsungatan - Water, sports drink
39.4 km - Ostindiegatan - Water, sports drink
42.2 km - Finish - Water + more energy in Runners zone

Cross the finish line:Cut-off times

To manage the cut-off times, you need to maintain an average speed of 9:15/km.

12:30 PM - 5.8 km - Opera House
2:45 PM - 20.5 km - Slottsskogen
3:30 PM - 25.8 km - Fiskhamnsgatan
4:25 PM - 31.8 km - Lundby Hamngata
5:15 PM - 36.8 km - Monsungatan
5:35 PM - 39.4 km - Ostindiegatan

The finish line will close at 6:00 PM.

The organizers, in collaboration with the authorities, may decide that runners who are not expected to meet the cut-off times can continue on the sidewalk or pedestrian/cycle path. This is to ensure that traffic restrictions are lifted according to plan.

If you need to slow down along the course, please keep to the right so your fellow runners can overtake you on the left side.

History and Entertainment along the Course:Historical Parts of the Course

Slottsskogen - Start

Slottsskogen is a popular destination for both tourists and local Gothenburg residents, offering restaurants, playgrounds, a zoo, and large green areas for socializing.

  • Every year, Slottsskogen is part of the Göteborgsvarvet, and now it serves as the starting point for the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon. Runners will also pass through Slottsskogen to complete the second half of the race. Additionally, young runners aged 0-6 years can participate in the Mini Marathon, where they can run as fast as their little legs can carry them.

Photo Credit: Steampipe Production Studio AB/Göteborg & Co Free to use courtesy of GBG&Co.

Bands Along the Course:Music

Along the course, runners and spectators will get to listen to music from bands, orchestras, and choirs. Some locations, the runners pass by only once, while several places are passed more than once.

Band - Position
Kiriaka - Slottsskogen
TBA - Haga Nygata/Lagerhuset
TBA - Vasagatan
Orkester Gothia Concentus - Götaplatsen
Ungdomsorkester Göta Lejon - Kungsportsplatsen
TBA - Kronhusbodarna/Gamla Ceresgatan
Operastudenter - Operan
Malice - Hisingsbron
Starships - Jubileumsparken
Freddie Nyström Band - Lundby hamngata
Chronicles - Therese Svenssons gata
Pedros - Lindholmspiren/Diagonalen
Kungälvs dragspelsorkester - Kvarnpirsgatan
Round About Runners - Monsungatan/Manövergången
Caramatu - Monsungatan
Göteborg Gospelkör - Karl Johansgatan/Lantvärnsgatan
Yazanna - Ostindiegatan
Kind of music - Slottsskogsgatan
Recycle - Mariaplan
Göteborgselektronikerna - Slottsskogsgatan/Lugnet
James at last - Röda sten
GC Troops - Majnabbegatan
Blåsarsinfonietta - Fiskhamnsgatan
TBA - Stenpiren