To everyone who finished GöteborgsVarvet
and a big thank you to everyone that
helped making Varvet a fantastic festival
Registration for 2017 opens June 1st


GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon

GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon is our classic 21 km race held every year in Göteborg, Sweden. 64,000 runners are ready to join the world’s largest race. Are you?

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GöteborgsVarvet Marathon

To celebrate the city of Göteborg’s 400 year anniversary, we welcome you to join our once in a lifetime marathon race. Two times GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon, twice the fun.

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A wide variety of races

In addition to GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon we arrange a wide variety of races during the week of GöteborgsVarvet – for example challenging and fun races for kids in all ages.

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Travel and stay

Gothenburg offers the charm of a small town and the opportunities of a big city.

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Family races

Bring your family to Gothenburg!

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