The Skår­bratt fam­i­ly is back for new records!

His wife has already secured a place in the Guin­ness World Records for the 10,000 meters race, Johan is now gear­ing up to do the same. With four chil­dren accom­pa­ny­ing him in the stroller, he is ready to chal­lenge the pre­vi­ous record hold­er on April 13 dur­ing the Varvet­milen in Gothenburg.

During April 2024, runners from all over Sweden have the opportunity to run the Varvetmilen to improve their starting position for the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon on May 18th. Johan Skårbratt is one of them, but for him, it's an opportunity to do something epic - to secure another spot in the Guinness World Records with about 100 kilos in front of him in a stroller.

The Skårbratt family are no strangers to setting records. Previously, they have made their mark in the Guinness World Records in their respective categories (Men & Women) during the Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, with impressive times of 1:34:09 for Johan and 1:55:02 for Hanna. Additionally, Hanna holds the official record for the 10,000 meters during the Varvetmilen, achieving an incredible 47:30 in 2022.

Johan also made a 10k record attempt in 2022, ashieving a time that would have qualified him for a spot in the Guinness Book of Records (40:15). Unfortunately, the documentation of the race fell short, resulting in his achievement going unregistered.

Now, he's ready to hit the running track again, this time with much heavier kids in the stroller, prepared to seek revenge!

The current record is held by Christopher Steven - who ran it in 48:01.


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