Approx­i­mate­ly 5,8 mil­lion SEK back to the associations

As 2023 nears its end, it’s evi­dent that approx­i­mate­ly 5.8 mil­lion SEK will be dis­trib­uted among 64 asso­ci­a­tions that have col­lab­o­rat­ed with Göte­borgsvarvets event through­out the year.

- Göte­borgsvarvet means a lot to the asso­ci­a­tions, but it’s also vice ver­sa. The asso­ci­a­tions are invalu­able to Göte­borgsvarvet, and we are entire­ly depen­dent on them,” says Eva-Lena Frick, the fed­er­a­tion chief of Göteborgsvarvet.

The registration fees for Göteborgsvarvet and other races organized by Göteborgsvarvet are not solely invested in enhancing the experience for runners. Part of the surplus is directed towards running Friidrottens hus, where thousands of children, youths, and adults train year-round. Another portion of the surplus is distributed among the associations that have provided volunteers.

Göteborgsvarvet is operated by the Gothenburg Athletics Association with the aim of giving back as much as possible to the community of associations. In 2023, a total of 64 associations have contributed, and they will now share approximately 5.8 million SEK.

- For over 40 years, the associations have contributed to the development of Göteborgsvarvet, and the surplus has aided in the development of their operations. Here, one plus one doesn't make two, it makes three," says federation chief Eva-Lena Frick.

Around 4,000 volunteers have assisted during Göteborgsvarvet, Göteborgsvarvet Marathon, Lilla Varvet, Specialvarvet, Stafettvarvet, Cityvarvet, Minivarvet, Varvetmilen, Trailvarvet, and Veteran Swedish Championships in athletics.

Each association volunteer financially contributes back to their association for each committed hour of work. In addition to these compensations, surplus from the operations is also distributed to the Gothenburg Athletics Association and its member associations. Within the affiliated associations of the Gothenburg Athletics Association alone, there are 50,000 active individuals set in motion annually.

- Göteborgsvarvet and the other events are a treasure we are very proud of. The joy they bring together with the expertise and experience that the organization as a whole contributes means so much to so many people," says Frick.

The Varvet Week 2024 commences on May 12, and the Göteborgsvarvet will take place on May 18. In 2024, Göteborgsvarvet and the Gothenburg Athletics Association will also host the Veteran World Championships in athletics from August 13 to 25.


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Angereds IS
BK Heid
Bohus IF
Brattås CK
Enebybergs IF

Frölunda OL
Gamla MAIK:are
GC Troops
GF Energo
GK Steget
Göteborgs Konståkningsakademi
Göteborgs Konståkningsklubb Singel
Göteborgs Simhopp
Göteborgs Slalomklubb
Heleneholms IF
Herrljunga SK
Hisingens Cykelklubb
Hälle IF
Hönö IS
IF Kville
IFK Göteborg Friidrott
IF Rigor
IKHP Huskvarna IK
IK Lerum Friidrott
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IK Stern
IK Vikingen
IK Wega
IK Ymer
IK Zenith
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Kongahälla AIK
Kungsbacka Konståkningsförening
Kungsladugård BK
Kungälvs OK
Kungälvs Roddklubb
Majornas IK
Mistlåhren HHGS
Mölndals AIK
Mölndals Outdoor IF
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OK Landehof
Postens IF
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Sävedalens AIK Friidrott
Sävedalens AIK Orientering
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