The medal for 2023!

We can now present what medal that is wait­ing for you after 21 km in May next year. Near­ly 5,000 run­ners vot­ed on their favorite.

After a close top battle, we can now present the winning medel of 2023 "Victory and sun!" produced by the artist Jennifer Omberg.. The voting took place between 1 - 31 August where a total of 4621 runners participated, the winning medal received 1876 votes.

Malin herself describes the idea behind her winning contribution with:

"The pride we feel when we have completed something challenging can be one of the best feelings in the world. One side of the medal depict the pulse, the individual and the crowd, how we run individually but still in a community, where we all follow the blue line towards the finish. The other side conveys the great feeling of happiness and victory that we feel after completing the feat of Göteborgsvarvet!


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