Dou­ble Kenyan vic­to­ries in the Göteborgsvarvet

Moses Koech and Janet Rugu­ru – these are the win­ners of the 43rd edi­tion of the Göte­borgsvarvet.
— I am so hap­py, I did not expect to win today, says Moses Koech.

In the men's race, it was clear early on that it would be a Kenyan victory. The Kenyan trio Moses Koech, Edward Koonyo, and Jackson Kavesa Muema took the lead right from the start. The latter really set the tone for the race but Muema lost his strength after half the distance. After 15 kilometers, Moses Koech was able to pull away from his compatriot Koonyo and finished unchallenged at the historic Slottsskogsvallen with a time of 1.02.56.

– It was tough today. It is not an easy course and the temperature was high, but it feels very good now, says Koech.

In the women's race, last year's winner Susan Chembai was in the lead along with Nigsti Haftu, the runner with the fastest personal record in the field. However, it was Janet Ruguru who was the strongest in the heat and won with a 15-second margin ahead of Chembai with a time of 1.11.35.

The best Swede in the men's race was Samuel Russom who beat his clubmate from Hässelby SK and the Göteborgsvarvet Marathon winner Linus Rosdahl by 14 seconds. In the women's race, it was Johanna Larsson from Örgryte IS who was the fastest Swede with a time of 1.16.51, ahead of Lovisa Modig from Törsby Running Club.

Göteborgsvarvet 2024 Men:

  1. Moses Koech, Kenya, 1.02.56
  2. Edward Koonyo, Kenya, 1.03.15
  3. Jackson Kavesa Muema, Kenya, 1.03.55
  4. Dominic Kiptarus, Kenya, 1.04.12
  5. Tsegay Kidanu, Ethiopia, 1.06.02
  6. Samuel Russom, Eritrea/Sweden, 1.06.03
  7. Linus Rosdahl, Sweden, 1.06.17
  8. Oscar Niyonzima, Burundi, 1.06.45
  9. Abdelhafiz Ibrahem, Sweden, 1.06.56
  10. Kristofer Låås, Sweden, 1.07.20


  1. Janet Ruguru, Kenya, 1.11.35
  2. Susan Chembai, Kenya, 1.11.50
  3. Nigsti Haftu, Ethiopia, 1.12.10
  4. Antonina Kwambai, Kenya, 1.13.20
  5. Alamirew Almtshay, Ethiopia, 1.16.49
  6. Johanna Larsson, Sweden, 1.16.51
  7. Lovisa Modig, Sweden, 1.17.19
  8. Liduina Van Sitteren, Sweden, 1.20.47
  9. Karin Spjuth, Sweden, 1.21.37
  10. Linda Gistedt, Sweden, 1.22.20


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