Göte­borgsvarvet half Marathon is final­ly back– reg­is­tra­tion is open!

On May 21st 2022 it is final­ly time to bring back the usu­al­ly annu­al run­ning event Göte­borgsvarvet, and now the reg­is­tra­tion is open. We are extreme­ly hap­py to wel­come back all run­ners to Göte­borgsvarvet and our oth­er races dur­ing Varvet week in May 22. The run­ning par­ty is back! Says Mar­tin Bergman, fed­er­al direc­tor of the Gothen­burg Ath­let­ics Association.

After two cancelled Göteborgsvarv 2020 and 2021 as a result of the pandemic, it is finally time for redemption. Since the majority of the registered runners 2021 have chosen to move their entries to 2022, almost 35,000 runners are already registered.

- We look forward with great confidence when society now returns to the new normal. The 2022 edition of Göteborgsvarvet gives us an opportunity to once again create the folk festival for both runners and spectators that the race usually is, which we are very much looking forward to. There is a great longing in the organization to once again be able to arrange and carry out one of the world's biggest half marathons. A longing that I know is shared by many of our runners, says Martin Bergman, federal director of the Gothenburg Athletics Association.

This weekend, the first race since the pandemic was arranged, the completely newly launched colorful race Light Run, which lit up Gothenburg in the autumn darkness.

- It was fantastic to see runners on the streets again and also to experience the wonderful feelings of euphoria and community. I am very impressed with the work our organization has put in to be able to create and carry out a completely new race in such a short time. With this great feeling, we now look forward to arrange the ordinary Göteborgsvarvet next year.

In addition to Göteborgsvarvet, registration is now open for the completely Varvet Week's which includes; Trailvarvet, Stafettvarvet, Specialvarvet, Minivarvet, Lilla Varvet, Cityvarvet and Yoga Run.

- I can not how explain how happy we are that Varvet week is back. All our races put people of all ages in motion. This is especially important as sedentary still is increasing, not at least due to the pandemic, says Martin Bergman.

Facts Varvet Week 2022

Between 17 and 22 May, seven different races are organized where Göteborgsvarvet is the big highlight. Right now, almost 35,000 runners are registered for the main race.

17 May: Trailvarvet & Trailvarvet Walk
18 May: Stafettvarvet
20 May: Specialvarvet
21 May: Cityvarvet & Yoga Run
21 May: Göteborgsvarvet
21–22 May: Minivarvet


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