Göte­borgsvarvet poster

Don’t miss the chance to buy a Göte­borgsvarvet poster inspired by famous land­marks along the clas­sic course through the city.

We are proud to offer the opportunity to buy this beautiful poster inspired by the Göteborgsvarvet, created by the talented artist Rebecka Ericsson! With iconic landmarks such as the Eriksberg Crane, Älvsborg Bridge and Gothia Towers depicted in an enchanting way, she manages to capture the genuine charm of Gothenburg in every detail.

Get to know Rebecka:

My name is Rebecka Ericsson and I am the founder of RKE Design. I started the company in the fall of 2020 with the idea of exploring my creativity even more. With a great passion for digital design and a penchant for playful colors and shapes, I am often inspired by my everyday life in Gothenburg, the city I live in and from my workplace - Liseberg!

Through my artistry, I strive to spread joy and inspire others to dare to follow their dreams and try new things. With my love for my creation and a constant striving to constantly evolve, I hope to be a role model for everyone out there who shares the same vision of creating something from their hearts and what drives themselves forward in life.

Where can I buy the poster?

The poster will be available for purchase both through Rebecka's webshop and at Göteborgsvarvet Expo.

If you want to secure your poster at Göteborgsvarvet Expo (May 16-18) you will be able to choose between the following formats:

30 x 40 - 349 SEK
50 x 70 - 449 SEK

If you instead want to order in peace and quiet from the webshop, you have these formats to choose from:

21 x 30: SEK 199 + shipping SEK 49
30 x 40: SEK 349 + shipping SEK 49
40 x 50: SEK 399 + shipping SEK 49
50 x 70: SEK 449 + shipping SEK 49
70 x 100: SEK 499 + shipping SEK 49

To RKE Design - Webshop

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