Race infor­ma­tion Stafettvarvet

Before the start

Welcome to Stafettvarvet 2024!
We are so happy that you choose to run with us this year and want to share in the joy of running. Good luck and thank you for contributing to local grass roots sport. We couldn’t do it without you.

Start and start time
Orient yourself easily in the arena! This year, the start, changeover, finish take place inside Slottskogsvallen.

The first start wave begins at 6:00 PM. Thereafter, the start waves are released upon the officials' signal. It's crucial to start in the correct wave. Start waves signs are set up before the start - position yourself at the sign corresponding to the start wave assigned to your team so the first runner in your team is ready by 6:00 PM.

In Stafettvarvet, we have 6 waves with the following number divisions:

  • Start wave 1: 1 - 199
  • Start wave 2: 200 - 399
  • Start wave 3: 400 - 599
  • Start wave 4: 600 - 799
  • Start wave 5: 800 - 999
  • Start wave 6: 1000 -

You can find your team's start number in the start certificate sent to the email address used during registration.

The first runner should be inside the start area 20 minutes before the start. Each team member completes one lap of the course before handing over the baton to the next runner in the exchange area. The final team member finish the race by crossing the finish line.

Bib, baton, picnic bag
A picnic basket per team is included in the entry for the Stafettvarvet. The picnic basket is collected in the Entrance park during the distribution of race-bibs and relay batons between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM. See map below for good picnic areas.

Customer service will be available in the Entrance park from 3:30 PM.

Changing room and bag storage
We recommend that you arrive already changed, as there are no facilities provided for showering or changing. The organizer also does not provide storage for bags, valuables, etc.

Warm up
Takes place under the guidance of STC before the start.

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