Show­er facil­i­ties are back under the Göteborgsvarvet

Ahead of the Göte­borgsvarvet 2023. The show­er facil­i­ties after the race are now back. But it is to a some­what lim­it­ed extent that the orga­niz­er Göte­borgs Fri­idrotts­för­bund has found the solu­tion. Or rather the solutions. 

The hot water production of the old shower vans was powered by dieselgenerators and it´s waste water went straight into the street wells. The solution was far from satisfactory in relation to Göteborgsvarvet and the city´s extensive sustainability work with its strongly negative environmental impact.

- Where we can, we shall change and improve every year and take steps towards an even more sustainable event, says Göteborgsvarvet event manager Erik Bergkvist.

When the 21 km race takes place on May 13, the alternatives are now available to meet the demand that exists among the runners after all. Even if it is a relatively small percentage of runners who used previous shower solutions, we want to be able to offer a service for those who have a need.

- At the same time, we appeal to all participants to first assess whether the shower is necessary before returning home, but also to choose the most suitable alternative, says Erik Bergkvist.

Shower option 1 – The nice home shower

Shower at home. It's ok to be a little dirty with 21 km behind you.
This is by far the most sustainable option. The shower also gets better and better the longer you wait.

Shower option 2 – Shower where you parked the car

Shower in Friskis & Svettis fresh premises in Åby Arena, where you easily parked your car.
It is best to park here if you are traveling to us from other cities or from surrounding municipalities.

Our shuttle buses (free of charge) take you from the parking lot round trip to the start and finish area.

Both in the car park and at Friskis & Svettis, our hosts and informants are there and will help you with everything.

Shower option 3 – Shower near Gothenburg for a city visit

You can easily get to the show facilities at Heden by tram to Ullevi Södra or Stureplatsen, located in the middle of central Gothenburg, where we staff the sports facility at the intersection of Parkgatan and Stureplatsen by Heden.

Tram number 8 from Marklandsgatan takes you to stop Ullevi Södra or bus X3 to Stureplatsen. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Here you change and take a nice hot shower before getting ready to go out to eat with your friends after the race, newly fixed and satisfied. Or go home.

Shower option 4 – Shower in Frölundaborg

In the middle of the event area, we have rented all of Frölundaborg's changing rooms. However, the conditions offered are still severely limited. Here you take a shower that can withstand both queues and waiting.

Options two to four include the following:

  • Separate changing rooms for men and women
  • Hosts and informants from the Göteborgsvarvet who keep order
  • Lack of towels and cleaning products (bring your own)
  • Limited number of showers
  • Many satisfied, shower-efficient runners


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