A cer­ti­fied sus­tain­able race

Sus­tain­abil­i­ty cer­ti­fi­ca­tion accord­ing to ISO 20121 can be used by any­one who runs any kind of event, meet­ing or arrange­ment, inter­nal­ly or exter­nal­ly. Göte­borgsvarvet, Way out West, Skep­parhol­men Nac­ka con­fer­ence facil­i­ty, the World Cup in Åre and Falun and Vät­tern­run­dan are some of those who have cho­sen to cer­ti­fy them­selves for sus­tain­abil­i­ty accord­ing to ISO 20121.

- Through the certification, we support and verify our customers' sustainable business development. By investigating the whole organization; both in external and internal contexts, the customer gets a broader picture of the business and can successfully manage their business more systematic and sustainable. Instead of ad hoc, the work becomes strategic and long-term. When our customers apply this, they also affect sustainability in a bigger picture; sustainable behavior spreads like rings on the water out into the community. Everyone influences someone with their business, says Sophia Engström at RISE.

Göteborgsvarvet is one of the world's largest running events. Every year, around 80,000 runners participate in one of the various races that run through Gothenburg. Since 2016, Göteborgsvarvet has been certified according to ISO 20121. This year 2022 the race will be arranged on May 21 after being canceled two years in a row.

Sustainability is today a business-critical factor for everyone; not least for companies and organizations. RISE mission is to support all types of organizations and contribute to society's sustainable transformation. We base our services on the customer's specific conditions which are all unique, says Sophia Engström. RISE has extensive experience of certification of all types of organizations and companies. Already in 2013, RISE worked together with the Eurovision Song Contest and Malmö city ​​to certify the event for sustainability.

Standards can be difficult to understand and our job is, among other things, to help the customer interpret the requirements for their own business in a more concrete way, coach our customers to help them stay within the framework and also to make sure business benefits are achieved in a sustainable way.

A relationship that creates trust

Examples of concrete activities that have an effect at Göteborgsvarvet are, among others, the organization's focus on sustainable foods, for example, vegetarian, vegan and organic alternatives in the event area, the food to volunteers is lacto-ovo-vegetarian, this as we know that food has a huge impact on our climate footprint. Still water on bottle is not sold in connection with the event, instead there are water taps in the area. Runners have also been allowed to travel for free with public transport in connection with the race.

The work of having a certified event is an ongoing process; from planning, dialogue to the certification itself, which continues to develop and is followed up annually.

When a sustainability work is done, it does not only have effects for the event itself. The effect on society is like rings on the water; sustainability requirements on suppliers and support for runners to act more sustainably, both during and after the race. This is how Göteborgsvarvet also contributes to increasing awareness of sustainability in society, it applies to and effects all of us.


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