Free men­stru­al prod­ucts dur­ing Göteborgsvarvet

Toi­lets exclu­sive­ly for women and free men­stru­al prod­ucts — togeth­er with Red­Lock­er, Göte­borgsvarvet is invest­ing in mak­ing the run­ning expe­ri­ence better.

It’s some­thing that has been request­ed and that we believe will be very appre­ci­at­ed,” says Theo Söder­berg, project man­ag­er for Göteborgsvarvet.

40,000 participants are registered for Göteborgsvarvet - the world's largest half marathon - which takes place on Saturday. Of these, almost 15,000 are women.

New this year is that there will be rental toilets in the arena area that are exclusively for women and that there will be vending machines outside of them as well as boxes inside the toilets with free menstrual products for the participants.

This is thanks to a new partnership with RedLocker, a fast-growing company that has been working since 2018 to wash away the taboo around menstruation and create opportunities for companies, events, and organizations to offer free menstrual products to women.

"Our collaboration with Göteborgsvarvet is about making menstrual products available to athletes on their big day, and it feels both important and fun. Fun because it is a new context for us to provide our solutions in, and important because I believe that many of us are united in the need to talk more about menstruation, and I hope that the initiative will contribute to that," says Liza Eriksson, CEO of RedLocker.

RedLocker's menstrual product vending machines will be located at the toilets that are exclusively for women outside Frölundaborg and at Dalens IP.

"We are constantly working to improve the experience for our runners and this is as easy as it is obvious way to do it. We appreciate RedLocker's work in creating change and improvement for women in society," says Theo Söderberg, project manager at Göteborgsvarvet

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